Autor: Fakhry A. Assaad
ISBN-13: 9783540408826
Veröffentl: 10.12.2003
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Field Methods for Geologists and Hydrogeologists

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1 Introduction.- I Surface Geological and Geophysical Field Studies.- 2 Geology of Indurated Rocks, Unconsolidated Sedimentary Deposits and Karst Terrains.- 3 Topographic and Surface Geologic Maps.- 4 Surface Geophysical Exploration Methods.- II Subsurface Geological and Geophysical Methods.- 5 Characteristics of Sedimentary Rocks - Subsurface Geological Mapping and Computer Software Data Management Systems.- 6 Drilling and Testing: Soil Samplers, Drilling Techniques, and Equipment.- 7 Geophysical Well Logging Methods and Interpretations.- III Ground-Water Hydrology, Ground-Water Contamination, and Waste Management.- 8 Ground-Water Hydrology, Hydrogeologic Methods and Hydrogeologic Data Acquisition.- 9 Ground-Water Monitoring Wells, Contamination, and Waste Management.- IV Case Studies.- 10 A New Approach on the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer of the Western Desert of Egypt.- 11 Sulfate and Chloride Karstification and Its Economical Significance.- 12 Occurence of DNAPL near an Interceptor Well - Pump and Test Treatment for Remediation.- V Technical Applications in the Field and Project Performance.- 13 Laboratory Tests for Soils.- 14 Project Performance.
The authors describe project performance, methods for field study of rocks, soils, and outcrops and how to evaluate impacts of air pollution and water resourcessystems. Furthermore, they develop guidelines for graphic and text presentation of results of studies and describe superficial rock characteristics and subsurface geological mapping techniques. The text covers hydrogeologic methods, groundwater monitoring systems, contamination and waste management and discusses groundwater flow in fractured and granular aquifers, including a special reference to karstic aquifers. In addition to this, international waste management rules and regulations are listed. A glossary is provided of geological and hydrogeological terms, as well as a standard terminology for soils, rocks, and contained fluids.

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Autor: Fakhry A. Assaad
ISBN-13:: 9783540408826
ISBN: 3540408827
Erscheinungsjahr: 10.12.2003
Verlag: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Gewicht: 1324g
Seiten: 420
Sprache: Englisch
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