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Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications

3758, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Third International Symposium, ISPA 2005, Nanjing, China, November 2-5, 2005, Proceedings
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'Keynote Speech.- Data Structures and Algorithms for Packet Forwarding and Classification.- Using Speculative Multithreading for General-Purpose Applications.- Towards Peta-Bit Photonic Networks.- Tutorial.- Technologies and Considerations for Developing Internet and Multiplayer Computer Games: A Tutorial.- Routing in 2-D Meshes: A Tutorial.- Session 1A: Cluster Systems and Applications.- RDIM: A Self-adaptive and Balanced Distribution for Replicated Data in Scalable Storage Clusters.- Modeling and Analysis of a Parallel Nested Loop Join on Cluster Architectures.- Scheduling Efficiently for Irregular Load Distributions in a Large-scale Cluster.- A Content-Based Load Balancing Algorithm for Metadata Servers in Cluster File Systems.- Reducing the Overhead of Intra-Node Communication in Clusters of SMPs.- Session 1B: Performance Evaluation and Measurements.- On Service-Oriented Network Measurement Architecture with Mobile Agent.- Pathtrait: A Tool for Tight Link Location and End-to-End Available Bandwidth Measurement.- Performance Evaluation of a Self-organized Hierarchical Topology for Update of Replicas in a Large Distributed System.- A Proposal of Reconfigurable MPI Collective Communication Functions.- Session 1C: Distributed Algorithms and Systems.- Design and Evaluation of Network-Bandwidth-Based Parallel Replication Algorithm.- A Quorum Based Group k-Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Open Distributed Environments.- An Efficient Implementation of the Backtesting of Trading Strategies.- Reconfigurable Object Consistency Model for Distributed Shared Memory.- Session 1D: Fault Tolerance and Reliability.- ER-TCP: An Efficient Fault-Tolerance Scheme for TCP Connections.- Online Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Routing in 2D Torus.- Replicating Multithreaded Web Services.- Design Schemes and Performance Analysis of Dynamic Rerouting Interconnection Networks for Tolerating Faults and Preventing Collisions.- RRBS: A Fault Tolerance Model for Cluster/Grid Parallel File System.- Session 2A: High-Performance Computing and Architecture I.- Fast Parallel FFT on CTaiJi: A Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Computation Platform.- Integrating Local Job Scheduler - LSF TM with Gfarm TM .- Cache Management for Discrete Processor Architectures.- Enhancing DCache Warn Fetch Policy for SMT Processors.- Aggressive Loop Fusion for Improving Locality and Parallelism.- Session 2B: Parallel Algorithms and Systems I.- An Upper Bound on Blocking Probability of Vertical Stacked Optical Benes Networks.- It's Elementary, My Dear Watson: Time-Optimal Sorting Algorithms on a Completely Overlapping Network.- Lock-Free Parallel Garbage Collection.- Adaptive Parallel Ant Colony Optimization.- Collective Communications for Scalable Programming.- Session 2C: Network Routing and Communication Algorithms I.- A Fast and Scalable Conflict Detection Algorithm for Packet Classifiers.- Loss Rate Aware Preferential Treamtment Scheme at the Congested Router.- A Heuristic Routing Algorithm for Degree-Constrained Minimum Overall Latency Application Layer Multicast.- DIRA: Distributed Insertion and Relocation Routing Algorithm for Overlay Multicast in Diffserv Domain.- Load Balancing Based on Similarity Multi-paths Routing.- Session 2D: Security Algorithms and Systems I.- Secure Real-Time Transaction Processing with Timeliness Guarantees in Mobile Distributed Real-Time Database Systems.- A New Data Fusion Model of Intrusion Detection-IDSFP.- The Application of Collaborative Filtering for Trust Management in P2P Communities.- Intelligent DDoS Packet Filtering in High-Speed Networks.- Session 3A: High-Performance Computing and Architecture II.- 2L-MuRR: A Compact Register Renaming Scheme for SMT Processors.- Scheduling Convex Bipartite Communications Toward Efficient GEN_BLOCK Transformations.- A Chronological History-Based Execution Time Estimation Model for Embarrassingly Parallel Applications
Welcome to the proceedings of ISPA 2005 which was held in the city of Nanjing. Parallel computing has become a mainstream research area in computer science and the ISPA conference has become one of the premier forums for the presentation of new and exciting research on all aspects of parallel computing. We are pleased to present the proceedings for the 3rd International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications (ISPA 2005), which comprises a collection of excellent technical papers, and keynote speeches. The papers accepted cover a wide range of exciting topics, including architectures, software, networking, and applications. The conference continues to grow and this year a record total of 968 manuscripts (including workshop submissions) were submitted for consideration by the Program Committee or workshops. From the 645 papers submitted to the main conference, the Program Committee selected only 90 long papers and 19 short papers in the program. Eight workshops complemented the outstanding paper sessions.

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Autor: Yi Pan
ISBN-13:: 9783540297697
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