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Foundations of Security Analysis and Design 3

3655, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Security and Cryptology
FOSAD 2004/2005 Tutorial Lectures
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FOSAD 2004 (6-11 September 2004).- Justifying a Dolev-Yao Model Under Active Attacks.- Model-Based Security Engineering with UML.- A Tutorial on Physical Security and Side-Channel Attacks.- Static Analysis of Authentication.- FOSAD 2005 (19-24 September 2005).- Formal Methods for Smartcard Security.- Privacy-Preserving Database Systems.- Intrusion Detection: Introduction to Intrusion Detection and Security Information Management.- Security and Trust Requirements Engineering.
The increasing relevance of security to real-life applications, such as electronic commerce and Internet banking, is attested by the fast-growing number of - search groups, events, conferences, and summer schools that address the study of foundations for the analysis and the design of security aspects. The "Int- national School on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design" (FOSAD, see been one of the foremost events - tablishedwiththegoalofdisseminatingknowledgeinthiscriticalarea,especially for young researchers approaching the ?eld and graduate students coming from less-favoured and non-leading countries. The FOSAD school is held annually at the Residential Centre of Bertinoro , in the fascinating setting of a former convent and ep- copal fortress that has been transformed into a modern conference facility with computing services and Internet access. Since the ?rst school, in 2000, FOSAD hasattractedmorethan250participantsand50lecturersfromallovertheworld. A collection of tutorial lectures from FOSAD 2000 was published in Springer's LNCS volume 2171. Some of the tutorials given at the two successive schools (FOSAD 2001 and 2002) are gathered in a second volume, LNCS 2946. To c- tinue this tradition, the present volume collects a set of tutorials fromthe fourth FOSAD, held in 2004, and from FOSAD 2005.

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Autor: Alessandro Aldini
ISBN-13:: 9783540289555
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Erscheinungsjahr: 12.09.2005
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