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Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems 2005

3684, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
9th International Conference, KES 2005, Melbourne, Australia, September 14-16, 2005, Proceedings, Part IV
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Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Their Applications.- A Method for Optimal Division of Data Sets for Use in Neural Networks.- Excluding Fitness Helps Improve Robustness of Evolutionary Algorithms.- Testing Voice Mimicry with the YOHO Speaker Verification Corpus.- Image Multi-noise Removal via Lévy Process Analysis.- Evaluating the Size of the SOAP for Integration in B2B.- Personalised Search on Electronic Information.- Data Mining Coupled Conceptual Spaces for Intelligent Agents in Data-Rich Environments.- Data Mining and Soft Computing Applications II.- An Evolutionary Algorithm for Constrained Bi-objective Optimization Using Radial Slots.- An Optimization Approach for Feature Selection in an Electric Billing Database.- Integrating Relation and Keyword Matching in Information Retrieval.- Production Testing of Spark Plugs Using a Neural Network.- Variable Neighborhood Search with Permutation Distance for QAP.- Using Rough Set to Induce Comparative Knowledge and Its Use in SARS Data.- Mining Class Association Rules with Artificial Immune System.- Discovering Fuzzy Association Rules with Interest and Conviction Measures.- Skill Acquisition and Ubiquitous Human Computer Interaction.- Automatic Generation of Operation Manuals Through Work Motion Observation.- A Method of Controlling Household Electrical Appliance by Hand Motion in LonWorks.- Contribution of Biological Studies to the Understanding and Modeling of Skilled Performance: Some Examples.- Measurement of Human Concentration with Multiple Cameras.- Constructive Induction-Based Clustering Method for Ubiquitous Computing Environments.- Indoor Location Determination Using a Topological Model.- Lightweight Agent Framework for Camera Array Applications.- Soft Computing and Their Applications - IV.- The Location of Optimum Set-Point Using a Fuzzy Controller.- Genetic Modeling: Solution to Channel Assignment Problem.- On Self-organising Diagnostics in Impact Sensing Networks.- A Coevolutionary Algorithm with Spieces as Varying Contexts.- Hybrid Filter Fusion for Robust Visual Information Processing.- Edge Detection in Digital Image Using Variable Template Operator.- Combining Demographic Data with Collaborative Filtering for Automatic Music Recommendation.- Agent-Based Workflows, Knowledge Sharing and Reuse.- Different Perspectives on Modeling Workflows in an Agent Based Workflow Management System.- An Agent-Enhanced Workflow Management System.- Knowledge Sharing Between Design and Manufacture.- Toward Improvement-Oriented Reuse of Experience in Engineering Design Processes.- A Hybrid Approach to Determining the Best Combination on Product Form Design.- Utilizing Active Software to Capture Tacit Knowledge for Strategic Use.- Multi-media Authentication andWatermarking Applications.- A Bandwidth Efficiency of Lempel-Ziv Scheme for Data Authentication.- Research on Confidential Level Extended BLP Model.- Secure Tamper Localization in Binary Document Image Authentication.- A Seal Imprint Verification with Rotation Invariance.- Robust Authenticated Encryption Scheme with Message Linkages.- BPCS-Steganography - Principle and Applications.- Improved Video Watermark Detection Using Statistically-Adaptive Accumulation.- Comparison of Feature Extraction Techniques for Watermark Synchronization.- Reversible Watermarking Based on Improved Patchwork Algorithm and Symmetric Modulo Operation.- Knowledge and Engineering Techniques for Spatio-temporal Applications.- Spatial Knowledge-Based Applications and Technologies: Research Issues.- Managing Spatial Knowledge for Mobile Personalized Applications.- Geospatial Clustering in Data-Rich Environments: Features and Issues.- Spatio-temporal Modeling of Moving Objects for Content- and Semantic-Based Retrieval in Video Data.- Calendars and Topologies as Types.- Moving Object Detection in Dynamic Environment.- A General Framework Based on Dynamic Constraints for the Enrichment of a Topological Theory of Spatial Simulation.- Automatic Geomorphome
Dear delegates,friendsand membersofthe growingKES professionalcommunity,w- come to the proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Knowledge-Based and IntelligentInformationandEngineeringSystemshostedbyLa TrobeUniversityin M- bourne Australia. The KES conference series has been established for almost a decade, and it cont- ues each year to attract participants from all geographical areas of the world, including Europe, the Americas, Australasia and the Paci?c Rim. The KES conferences cover a wide range of intelligent systems topics. The broad focus of the conference series is the theory and applications of intelligent systems. From a pure research ?eld, intel- gent systems have advanced to the point where their abilities have been incorporated into many business and engineering application areas. KES 2005 provided a valuable mechanism for delegates to obtain an extensive view of the latest research into a range of intelligent-systems algorithms, tools and techniques. The conference also gave de- gates the chance to come into contact with those applying intelligent systems in diverse commercial areas. The combination of theory and practice represented a unique opp- tunity to gain an appreciation of the full spectrum of leading-edge intelligent-systems activity. The papers for KES 2005 were either submitted to invited sessions, chaired and organized by respected experts in their ?elds, or to a general session, managed by an extensive International Program Committee, or to the Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing (IIHMSP) Workshop, managed by an International Workshop Technical Committee.

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