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Advances in Multimedia Information Systems 2005

3665, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Information Systems and Applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI
11th International Workshop, MIS 2005, Sorrento, Italy, September 19-21, 2005, Proceedings
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Invited Talks.- What Is Interesting About Scientific Databases?.- Early Data Tailoring for Ubiquitous Information Access in Highly Dynamic Environments.- Tutorial.- Translating Images to Keywords: Problems, Applications and Progress.- Regular Papers.- One to Many 3D Face Recognition Enhanced Through k-d-Tree Based Spatial Access.- Information Retrieval from the Web: An Interactive Paradigm.- A Rule Based Approach to Message Board Topics Classification.- A Proposal for a Multimedia Data Warehouse.- An Indexing Approach for Representing Multimedia Objects in High-Dimensional Spaces Based on Expectation Maximization Algorithm.- The MX Formalism for Semantic Web Compatible Representation of Music Metadata.- Icon Language-Based Auxiliary Communication System Interface for Language Disorders.- Modeling Context in Haptic Perception, Rendering and Visualization.- Improving Image Annotations Using WordNet.- Intelligent Delivery of Multimedia Content in a Device Aware Ubiquitous Environment.- Context-Based Management of Multimedia Documents in 3D Navigational Environments.- A Database Model for Querying Visual Surveillance Videos by Integrating Semantic and Low-Level Features.- An Effective Overlay H.263+ Video Multicast System over the Internet.- Harmonic Block Windows Scheduling Through Harmonic Windows Scheduling.- An Evaluation Method for Video Semantic Models.
This volume collects the proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Multimedia Information Systems, MIS 2005, which was held during September 19-21, 2005 in the beautiful town of Sorrento, Italy. The MIS series of workshops started in 1995 with the aim of fostering - terdisciplinary discussions and research in all aspects of multimedia information systems, in all their diversity. Since then, in MIS workshops,issues ranging from fundamental multimedia information management research to advanced app- cations in multimedia systems related ?elds have been discussed, new systems have been reported, and the lessons learned have provided new insights into this dynamic and exciting area of computer science and engineering. As the program chairs of the MIS 2005 workshop, we note that while desi- ing an e?ective multimedia system, two complementary issues have to be taken into account: (a) the need to use appropriate technologies in acquiring, p- cessing, and delivering multimedia data which manifest themselves under very di?erent shapes; and (b) the need for modeling, indexing, querying, retrieving, mining, and visualizing data under di?erent system and device capabilities, for di?erent users. Therefore, besides the development of more traditional content management technologies, there are emerging needs to gather media from se- ing devices in the environmental context, for informedprocessingofmediabased on the current task and resources, and for making the results available to the user in the most suitable form based on the capabilities and preferences of the user.

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