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Peer-to-Peer, Grid, and Service-Orientation in Digital Library Architectures

3664, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Information Systems and Applications, incl. Internet/Web, and HCI
6th Thematic Workshop of the EU Network of Excellence DELOS, Cagliari, Italy, June 24-25, 2004 Revised Selected Papers
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An Overview of the EGEE Project.- Grid Computing Using Web Services Technologies.- Similarity Grid for Searching in Metric Spaces.- Organisation-Oriented Super-Peer Networks for Digital Libraries.- A Combined Hyperdatabase and Grid Infrastructure for Data Stream Management and Digital Library Processes.- The MINERVA Project: Towards Collaborative Search in Digital Libraries Using Peer-to-Peer Technology.- Distribution Alternatives for Superimposed Information Services in Digital Libraries.- Towards a Service-Oriented Architecture for the Adaptive Delivery of Heterogeneous Cultural Resources.- Analysis and Evaluation of Service Oriented Architectures for Digital Libraries.- A System Architecture as a Support to a Flexible Annotation Service.- A Service-Oriented Grid Infrastructure for Multimedia Management and Search.- StreamOnTheFly: A Network for Radio Content Dissemination.- Supporting Information Access in Next Generation Digital Library Architectures.- Query Trading in Digital Libraries.- Moving Digital Library Service Systems to the Grid.
Newer computingareas like peer-to-peer,grid, and service-orientedcomputing provide a number of opportunities and challenges for architectures of future digital libraries. Peer-to-peer data management allows for loosely coupled integration of information services and sharing of information such as recommendations and annotations. Grid computing middleware is needed because certain services within digital libraries are complex and computationally intensive, e.g., extraction of features in multimedia d- uments to support content-based similarity search or for information mining in b- medical data. The service-orientation provides mechanisms to describe the semantics and usage of information services and to combine services into work?ow processes for sophisticated search and maintenance of dependencies. Elements of all three directions should be combined in a synthesis for future digital libraries architectures. This volume contains selected and revised papers from the Sixth Thematic Wo- shop of the EU Network of ExcellenceDELOS on Digital Library Architectures,which washeldin S. MargheritadiPula (Cagliari),Italy,24 25June2004.Thisworkshopwas co-located with the 12th Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems (SEBD 2004) and organizedjointly by the DELOS Network of Excellence and the Department ofInformationEngineeringoftheUniversityofPadua,Italy.DELOS(delos.

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Autor: Can Türker
ISBN-13:: 9783540287117
ISBN: 3540287116
Erscheinungsjahr: 30.08.2005
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