Autor: Petra Spaldonova
ISBN-13: 9783330321410
Veröffentl: 20.07.2017
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Learning Instructions For Children With ASD

The impact of computer-assisted instruction on the attention of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
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This book examines the impact of CAI (computer-assisted instruction) on attention ('on task' behaviour) and motivation of young children with autism in an ABAB single subject study. All four participants were boys aged between five to seven years old with a diagnosis of autism. All children's attention and motivation was compared in two different teaching environments. In teacher assisted instruction (TAI), as a traditional teaching intervention which involved presentation of printed material (worksheets), using a white board and support material such as; toys, counters, play-dough etc. by the teacher. In computer-assisted instructions (CAI) as it was used in this study was limited to a tutorial computer program which incorporate visual and auditory effects in attempt to teach basic skills in mathematics such as; addition and subtraction primary aged children with ASD.
Autor: Petra Spaldonova
ABOUT THE AUTHORPetra Spaldonova is a special education teacher with a Master's Degree (Research), a Master's Degree (Educational Psychology) both completed at The University of Sydney and Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education in Australian Collage of Physical Education, Sydney.

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Autor: Petra Spaldonova
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