Autor: V. S. Joji
ISBN-13: 9783330088054
Veröffentl: 14.06.2017
Einband: Paperback
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Island Hydrogeology Kavaratti, Lakshadweep, Indian Ocean

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The book contains six major chapters. The chapter one on introduction deals with study area, materials and methods, results and discussion on climate, humidity, temperature, evapotranspiration, physiography, soil, vegetation, human impact, and geomorphology. The second chapter on the evolution of Islands explains briefly on the origin of Islands, types of coral reef/coral island etc. Various controlling factors on island hydrogeological behavior recharge of groundwater discussed in Chapter 3. The fourth chapter on the hydrogeology of Kavaratti and the major ion chemistry is the highlight of chapter five. The chapter 6 deals with the management of ground water resources.
Autor: V. S. Joji
Dr. V.S. Joji, Scientist of Central Ground Water Board and Recognized Trainer qualified exams like NET, UGC-JRF, CSIR-JRF, GATE, Geologist in ONGC, GSI and Lecturer in Geology. He completed TDPs like SAT, NTP, TNA, MOT, DTS and DOT. He is having more than 50 papers and reports and his book entitled 'An Introduction to Geology with MCQs'

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Autor: V. S. Joji
ISBN-13:: 9783330088054
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Erscheinungsjahr: 14.06.2017
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Gewicht: 153g
Seiten: 92
Sprache: Englisch
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