Autor: Marimuthu Krishnaveni
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Analysis on Natural Product

Rhizome, fruit of medicinal plants assessed for phytoconstituents, biological activity
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Natural product forms a major resource for the development of drugs in traditional medicine as well as by pharmaceutical company's as they could be modified for improved functions. Analysis on natural products with diversity reveal the significance of compounds present in the parts of plants such as seed, rhizome fruit, etc leading to diversified biological function. The success of natural products depend on the utilization of analytical, biochemical, molecular methods in elucidating their chemistry and biochemistry. The compounds that are used in therapeutic activity/preparation of medicine are secondary metabolites, having more number of chiral centers, steric nature essential for the selectivity/ efficiency of the target. The secondary metabolites might act independently or in combination to give its full benefit, its potency depend on the solvent system used for the extraction. For the antimicrobial study, aprotic solvent DMSO was used as it could dissolve both polar and non-polar compounds. For HPLC, acetonitrile was used as it extracts ionic and non-polar compounds. Phytonutrients, tannin, saponin, phenolics, flavonoids provide antioxidant, antimicrobial activity.
Autor: Marimuthu Krishnaveni, Kavitha Govindhan
Mrs.M.Krishnaveni, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,MBA.,BGL; Studied Biochemistry at University of Madras. Assistant Professor at Dept. of Biochemistry, Periyar University, Salem,TN. 22years of Teaching, Research experience. Natural products are the right choice for the scientific people for its therapeutic benefits.

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Autor: Marimuthu Krishnaveni
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