Autor: Jana Chynoradska
ISBN-13: 9783330087231
Einband: Paperback
Seiten: 84
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I Choose

because it´s my life
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How does a new life at work come into being? Through difficulties. Through pain. Through tears. It is coming to life and it does not know about the pain it causes because it s only mission is to survive trusting that people who are involved in this process, will understand, perhaps later, what they were witnesses of. What they helped to be born. It is coming to life in hope for the better tomorrow because its time has come. This book talks about a birth of a new life within an organisation and is a free continuation of the book "I CAN because it s my life". While the I CAN book describes the reasons why our school is focusing on making teachers/trainers aware of the freedom they have in their classrooms, the I CHOOSE book points out the role of the manager/business owner who empowers their teachers/trainers to do so. It reveals the goings-on behind the curtain and brings evidence about the never-ending will-power to cope with the "mistakes" of the past as well as to introduce an original solution for the establishment of a working environment that provides a sustainable development of teachers/trainers that is in synergy with the growth and development of an organisation.
Autor: Jana Chynoradska
Jana Chynoradska is the HARMONY Academy founder, Principal Manager and a trainer. She also currently holds the position of the President of the Slovak Association of Language Schools. She graduated from Comenius University, Faculty of Education (Slovakia), with a diploma in English language and literature, and a doctorate in English methodology.

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Autor: Jana Chynoradska
ISBN-13:: 9783330087231
ISBN: 3330087234
Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Gewicht: 142g
Seiten: 84
Sprache: Englisch
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