Autor: Raunak Jahan
ISBN-13: 9783330078208
Veröffentl: 29.05.2017
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Use of Black Soldier Fly Larvae as Fish Feed Ingredient

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Aquaculture provides animal protein, employment and addresses nutrient deficiency in Bangladesh. However, adulterated and low quality fish feed creates environmental hazards and reduces fish farming profitability. To overcome these problems, protein, fat and minerals containing non-pest insect, Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) was used as fish feed ingredient to minimize feed cost, boost up fish production and tackle environmental hazards. Most of the common carp fry were healthy and robust when 100% fish meal was replaced with BSFL where %weight gain was 417.70%. The highest condition factor (2.33) was obtained with the same which describes growth performance and robustness of common carp fry. At harvest, the highest fry production was obtained (3.10 tons/ha/60 days) by replacing 100% fish meal by BSF larvae. Therefore, 100% fish meal can be replaced with BSFL easily to address the protein scarcity, adulteration and environmental hazards.
Autor: Raunak Jahan, Mohammad Monirul Hasan Tipu
Raunak Jahan graduated from Bangladesh Agricultural University and completed her MS research on potentiality of using Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae as fish feed ingredient. Her future plan is to continue her career as a researcher on aquaculture sector.

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Autor: Raunak Jahan
ISBN-13:: 9783330078208
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