Autor: Roham Khoshgoo
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Veröffentl: 16.07.2017
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Cleantech Industry

Hierarchy in Industrial Categorization
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The basic need of the Cleantech (Clean Technology) is to use technology to reduce pollution, waste and the use of natural resources to provide products and services that compete favorably on price and performance compared to other products that are manufactured without the cleantech concept. This term covers a broad horizon from industries that generate energy to wastewater treatment to environmentally sensitive consumer products. The area of cleantech especially wind power, solar power and air pollution control equipment have long pedigrees boasting research worth billions of dollars and hundreds of successful companies.
Autor: Roham Khoshgoo, Ahmed Farukh
Mr R. Khoshgoo and Mr.F. Ahmad have received Master degree in Business Administration at Malardalen University, Vasteras-Sweden. .Mr R. Khoshgoo has over 7 years of agency experience as account planner in marketing communications agencies. .Mr F. Ahmad has gained 6 years of experience as a marketing manager in an international company.

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Autor: Roham Khoshgoo
ISBN-13:: 9783330077768
ISBN: 333007776X
Erscheinungsjahr: 16.07.2017
Verlag: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Gewicht: 118g
Seiten: 68
Sprache: Englisch
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