Autor: Prem Narayan Paudel
ISBN-13: 9783330077737
Veröffentl: 29.08.2017
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Natural Product Chemistry in Nepal

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Natural products (secondary metabolites) have been since ancient times and in folklore for the treatment of many diseases and illnesses. They have been the most successful source of potential drug leads and continue to provide unique structural diversity, which presents greater opportunities for discovering mainly novel low molecular weight lead compounds. Nepal has significantly diverse ecosystems producing a wide range of unique and valuable medicinal and aromatic plant resources. Therefore, this study emphasizes on phytochemical screening and in-vitro antimicrobial activities of methanolic extract of sixteen diversified medicinal plants of Nepal, and also explores the optical properties in the prospect of application in dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) and organic light emitting diode (OLEDs). This study provides several informations to new researchers who intend to carry the further research in the natural products relating to Nepalese medicinal plants extensively.
Autor: Prem Narayan Paudel
Name: Prem Narayan PaudelQualification: M.Phil, ChemistryBirth Place: Nawalparasi, Bardiya (currently)Working: DCSE,Chemistry, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, NepalPost: Lecturer Experience: Working at KU since Feb 17, 2006Research Interest: Natural Product Chemistry, Medicinal Plants, Polymer Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry.

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Autor: Prem Narayan Paudel
ISBN-13:: 9783330077737
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Gewicht: 225g
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