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Minimally Invasive Acute Care Surgery

 Book w. online files/update
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Minimally Invasive Acute Care Surgery

Editors: Kosar Khwaja and Jose J. Diaz

Table of Contents

Preface - Kosar Khwaja and Jose J. Diaz

Chapter 1 - Physiologic Effects of Pneumoperitoneum: Implications of laparoscopy in critically ill patients undergoing emergency minimally invasive surgery - Jeremy R. Grushka and Kosar Khwaja

Chapter 2 - Laparoscopic exploration for free air - Allison J. Tompeck and Mayur Narayan

Chapter 3 - Incarcerated Abdominal Wall Hernias: Tips and tricks to the minimally invasive approach - Ciara R. Huntington and B. Todd Heniford

Chapter 4 - Laparoscopic approach to the acutely incarcerated paraesophageal hernia - Lee L. Swanström and Kristin Beard

Chapter 5 - Acute Care Surgery for Bariatric Surgery Emergencies - Mark D. Kligman

Chapter 6 - Managing the difficult gallbladder in Acute Cholecystitis - Chad G. Ball, Francis R. Sutherland and S. Morad Hameed

Chapter 7 - Minimally Invasive Approach to Choledocholithiasis - Caolan Walsh, Amy Neville, Diederick Jalink and Fady K. Balaa

Chapter 8 - Laparoscopic approach to perforated ulcers - Mohammed Hassan Al Mahroos and Liane S. Feldman

Chapter 9 - Minimally invasive strategies for the treatment of necrotizing infected pancreatitis: Video-Assisted Retroperitoneal Debridement (VARD) - Jacques Mather and Jose J. Diaz

Chapter 10 - Laparoscopic management of small bowel obstruction - John Hagen

Chapter 11 - Management of appendicitis - Benjamin Braslow

Chapter 12 - Minimally invasive approach to acute diverticulitis - Matthew Randall Rosengart

Chapter 13 - Laparoscopic re-exploration for colorectal surgery complications - Nathalie Wong-Chong and A. Sender Liberman

Chapter 14 - Minimally Invasive Approaches To Clostridium Difficile Colitis - Paul Waltz and Brian S. Zuckerbraun

Chapter 15 - Bedside Laparoscopy in the Intensive Care Unit - Bradley W. Thomas and Ronald F. Sing

Chapter 16 - Laparoscopic exploration for trauma - Zachary Englert and Jose J. Diaz
This text is designed to present a comprehensive, up to date and safe approach to managing emergency general surgery patients with a minimally invasive approach. This book bridges the gap between the minimally invasive surgery (MIS) expert who may not routinely be involved in the care of the acute care surgery patient and the ACS expert surgeon who may not have a routine MIS elective practice.
The first section reviews the physiology of the acute care surgery patient and the physiologic impact of MIS techniques including pnemoperitoneum in critically ill patients. This review is crucial to assure that the surgeon has a clear understanding of when a MIS approach is safe and when it can be potentially dangerous to the patient.

The illustrations are presented in an atlas-style format to describe the surgical procedures. The authors of the various sections are minimally invasive and acute care surgeons from prominent academic centers. The format represents a narrative review with appropriate illustrations and links to online videos.
Editiert von: Kosar Khwaja, Jose J. Diaz
Kosar Khwaja, MD, MBA, MSc, FRCS, FACS

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Autor: Kosar Khwaja
ISBN-13:: 9783319647210
ISBN: 3319647210
Erscheinungsjahr: 30.01.2018
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 635g
Seiten: 132
Sprache: Englisch
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