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Prostitution and Sex Work in Global Cinema

New Takes on Fallen Women
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1. Danielle Hipkins and Kate Taylor-Jones, Introduction
I. Re-viewing the politics of poverty and pity

2. Jane Arthurs, Distant Suffering, Proper Distance: Cosmopolitan ethics in the film portrayal of trafficked women

3. Alice Bardan, "Through Hardships To the Stars": The Moldovan prostitute in Nicolae Margineanu's Schimb Valutar

II. Coming to the cinematic city in global modernity

4. Adam Bingham, Duality and Ambiguity: Prostitution, performance and the vagaries of modernity in Japanese cinema

5. Molly Hyo Kim, The Idealization of Prostitutes: Aesthetics and discourse of South Korean hostess films (1974-1982)

6. Saheed Aderinto, Inside the "House of Ill Fame": Brothel prostitution, feminization of poverty, and Lagos life in Nollywood's The Prostitute
III. Transgressive Women?

7. Niamh Thornton, Where Cabaret Meets Revolution: The prostitute at war in Mexican film

8. Teresa Ludden, Distorted Antigones: Dialectics and prostitution in Lola and Shirins Hochzeit

IV. Suffering heroines revisited

9. Aparna Sharma, Becoming and Contradiction in the Muslim Courtesan - The case of Pakeezah
10. Danielle Hipkins and Katharine Mitchell, Le traviate : Suffering heroines and the Italian state between the 19 th and 21 st centuries

11. Katie N. Johnson, Consumptive Chic: The postfeminist recycling of Camille in Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge !

V. Re-viewing women in the postmodern city

12. Fiona Handyside, Postcards and/of Prostitutes: Circulating the city in Atom Egoyan's Chloe
13. Kate Taylor-Jones, Handbags, Sex and Death: Prostitution in contemporary East Asian cinematic urban space

Concluding Commentary
This volume brings together international scholars to engage in the question of how film has represented a figure that for many is simply labelled 'prostitute'. The prostitute is one of the most enduring female figures. She has global historical resonance and stories, images and narratives surrounding her, and her experiences, circulate transnationally. As this book will explore, the broad term prostitute can cover a variety of experiences and representations that are both repressive and also have the potential to empower women and disrupt cultural expectations. The contributors aim to consider how frequently 19 th -century narratives of female prostitution-hence the label 'fallen women'-are still recycled in contemporary visual contexts, and to understand how widespread, and in what contexts, the destigmatization of female sex work is underway on screen.
Editiert von: Danielle Hipkins, Kate Taylor-Jones
Kate Taylor-Jones is Senior Lecturer in East Asian Studies at the University of Sheffield, UK. She is co-editor of International Cinema and the Girl (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015) and has published widely in a variety of fields. Her latest monograph study is Divine Work, Japanese Colonial Cinema and its Legacy, published in 2017. Kate is editor-in-chief of the East Asian Journal of Popular Culture.

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