Autor: Karima Mariama-Arthur
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Veröffentl: 01.02.2018
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Poised for Excellence

Fundamental Principles of Effective Leadership in the Boardroom and Beyond
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Part I. Principles That Foster Personal Leadership Excellence

Chapter 1 Exceptional Leaders Are Lifelong Learners

Chapter 2 Emotional Intelligence Drives Leadership Success

Chapter 3 Get Out of Your Own Way and Stop Sabotaging Your Success

Chapter 4 You Are Your Own Best Barometer

Chapter 5 You Are Your Competition

Chapter 6 Integrity, Transparency, and ethical Behavior Always Matter

Chapter 7 Leaders Create the Best Version of Themselves Without Apology

Chapter 8 World-Class Leaders Lead by Example

Chapter 9 Leaders Own Their Mistakes and Embrace Constructive Criticism

Chapter 10 Visionary Leaders Eliminate the "Box"

Part II. Principles That Cultivate Personal Leadership Excellence Through Disruptive Paradigm Shifts

Chapter 11 Strive for Progress, Not Perfection

Chapter 12 True Grit Beats Passion

Chapter 13 Work Smarter, Not Harder

Chapter 14 Prepare For War in Times of Peace

Chapter 15 Turn "Shoulds" Into "Musts"

Chapter 16 Lead With Influence, Not Authority

Chapter 17 Reboot and Relax

Chapter 18 Always Look For the Silver Lining

Chapter 19 See the Forest and the Trees

Chapter 20 Consider Fear an Ally

Part III. Principles That Nurture Personal Leadership Excellence Through Benevolence, Collaboration and Value-Based Service to Others

Chapter 21 Honor Human Relationships

Chapter 22 Use Honey to Catch Flies

Chapter 23 Give Credit Where It Is Due

Chapter 24 Promote Fairness and Consistency

Chapter 25 Confront Workplace Bullies

Chapter 26 Collaborate with Experts to Deliver Results

Chapter 27 Challenge the Status Quo

Chapter 28 Leverage Leadership Ethos to Shape Culture

Chapter 29 Practice Tolerance

Chapter 30 Create a Vision That Inspires

Part IV. Principles That Promote Personal Leadership Excellence Through Fundamental Calls to Action

Chapter 31 Delegate!

Chapter 32 Master Effective Decision-Making

Chapter 33 Pull Up Weeds at the Roots

Chapter 34 Leaders Say No and Keep It Moving

Chapter 35 Distinguish Leadership from Management

Chapter 36 Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room

Chapter 37 Leverage Your Professional Wheelhouse

Chapter 38 Come Down from the Ivory Tower

Chapter 39 Sharpen Your Communication Skills

Chapter 40 Encourage Leading at All Levels
This book is an exceptional resource for leaders at every level across industries. An insightful guidebook comprised of 40 illuminating principles showcasing the fundamental competencies that impact performance in the boardroom and beyond, each chapter includes the following core components: 1) a robust, but succinct discussion introducing each principle; 2) key strategies providing straightforward guidance on how to master each principle; 3) a selection of thoughtful journal questions that allow for meaningful introspection, and finally, 4) a leadership challenge-a stretch goal-that brings each principle into immediate, scalable focus.
Whether a seasoned or emerging leader, each reader will discover useful perspectives contained within each chapter designed to firmly orient their thinking and behavior towards leadership excellence. An enduring resource for circumstances in which every leader will inevitably find him or herself confronting, it will also serve as the "go to" professional development resource for elevating leadership brands and facilitating the necessary trench work required to develop competent and confident leaders regardless of industry or expertise.

Different from traditional books that provide a one-dimensional view of what leadership is and do little more than categorize existing traits, Poised for Excellence breaks the mold. It creates the context for understanding leadership development as a holistic process: By focusing on the mastery of fundamental principles structured to develop the whole person through service to self and others, it ignites an evolutionary process that cultivates 360 degrees of effective leadership. It directs readers to stake a bold claim to their success and transform the way they show up in the boardroom and beyond.

Poised for Excellence was written to nurture the leadership potential in business leaders who desire to operate in excellence and believe that learning and practice are non-negotiable aspects of leadership success.
Autor: Karima Mariama-Arthur
Karima Mariama-Arthur is founder and CEO of WordSmithRapport, a boutique consulting firm specializing in leadership development, complex communication and performance management.  A trusted advisor to accomplished professionals around the world, she provides insight into the fundamental principles that make leaders successful.  Karima speaks regularly in her areas of expertise, both nationally and internationally, to audiences across industries. Find about more about Karima at

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