Autor: Xiaoke Zhang
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Business, Government and Economic Institutions in China

International Political Economy Series
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Part One. Introduction1. Understanding Business-Government Relations in China: Changes, Causes and Consequences (Xiaoke Zhang and Tianbiao Zhu)

2. Business-State Relations in China's Changing Economic Order (Tak-Wing Ngo)

Part Two. Changes and Variations in Business-Government Relations

3. The Evolution of Government-MNC Relations in China: The Case of the Automotive Sector (Gregory T. Chin)

4. Regional Business Associations in China: Changes and Continuities (Juanfeng Liu and Jianjun Zhang)

5. Trapped into Collusion: The Under-Institutionalized Taxation System and Local Business-State Relations in China (Changdong Zhang)

6. Chinese Private Entrepreneurs' Formal Political Connections: Industrial and Geographical Distribution (Jiangnan Zhu and Yiping Wu)

7. International Context and China's Business-Government Relations (Tianbiao Zhu)

Part Three. Institutional Consequences of Changing Business-Government Relations

8. Business-Government Relations and Corporate Governance Reforms (Richard W. Carney)

9. The Changing Business-State Relations in China: The View from Socialist Corporatism (Yukyung Yeo)

10. State Structures, Business-State Relations and Multinational Corporate Behaviours: A Case Study of Chinese Multinational Oil Companies (Jin Zhang)

11. Business-State Interactions and Technology Development Regimes: A Comparative Analysis of Two Metropolises (Xiaoke Zhang)

12. Conclusions and Reflections (Tianbiao Zhu and Xiaoke Zhang)
This book brings together conceptual and empirical analyses of the causes and consequences of changing business-government relations in China since the 1990s, against the backdrop of the country's increased integration with the global political economy. More specifically, it provides an interdisciplinary account of how the dominant patterns of interactions between state actors, firms and business organizations have changed across regions and industries, and how the changing varieties of these patterns have interacted with the evolution of key market institutions in China. The contributors to this edited volume posit that business-government relations comprise a key linchpin that defines the Chinese political economy and calibrates the character of its constitutive institutional arrangements.
Editiert von: Xiaoke Zhang, Tianbiao Zhu
Xiaoke Zhang is Professor at Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK. His major research interests are in political economy and comparative management, with a regional focus on East Asia.

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Autor: Xiaoke Zhang
ISBN-13:: 9783319644851
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