Autor: Colin Rogers
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Higher Education and Police

An International Perspective
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Introduction: Higher Police Education - an International Perspective; Colin Rogers & Bernhard Frevel.- Part 1- Professionalization.- Education and the Police Professionalisation Agenda: a Perspective from England and Wales; Steve Tong and Katja Hellenberg.- Police Basic Training in Sweden - Vocational or Academic? An Educational Muddle; Anders Green.- The New Zealand Context: Finding Common-Ground in the Land of the Long White Cloud; Steven Darroch.- Part 2 Innovation.- The College of Policing: Police Education and Research in England and Wales; Colin Rogers and Beth Smith.- Police Higher Education in China; William Chen.- Higher Education and Democratic Policing: Challenges from Latin America; José Vincente Tavares dos Santos.- A Comparative Look on the Developments of Higher Education and Policing across Europe; Detlef Nogala & Andre Konze.- Part 3- Application.- Responding to Needs of Higher Analytical Competence in the Police: Master Programs at the Norwegian Police University College; Aun Hunsager Andresen and Nina Jon.- Starting as a Kommissar / Inspector? The State's Career System and Higher Education for Police Officers in Germany; Bernhard Frevel.- Higher Police Education in the Netherlands;Jan Heinen and Harry Peeters.- Down Under - Police Education at the Charles Sturt University, Australia; Tracey Green and Mick Corboy.
This edited collection is concerned with the ideas, challenges, demands and framework of conditions behind police education from an international perspective. Whilst not directly concerned with a classical comparison of education concepts from different countries, the broad range of international contributors consider issues such as professionalization programmes, how higher education programmes influence police organizations, as well how higher education influences police practice in a global context. Examining a wide array of countries from Germany to China and Brazil to show the flawed nature of an education system based purely upon an approach concerned with police officer numbers, the editors of this book argue for the need for greater scientific education among police around the world to meet contemporary developments. A timely and well-informed study, this book meets a crucial gap in the literature and will serve as an important contribution to existing work on policing, crime prevention, and theoretical criminology.
Editiert von: Colin Rogers, Bernhard Frevel
Colin Rogers is Professor of Police Sciences and Head of Research at the International Centre for Policing and Security, The University of South Wales, UK. He is also a visiting Professor at Charles Sturt University, NSW, Australia.

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Autor: Colin Rogers
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