Autor: Varughese Jacob
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Counseling Asian Indian Immigrant Families

A Pastoral Psychotherapeutic Model
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1. Introduction and Overview 2. Historical and Cultural Factors in Ethnic Identity Formation of Asian Indian Immigrants: Understanding the Context of Care 3. Cultural Identity and Intergenerational Conflicts 4. Presentation of Findings and Interpretation of the Empirical Data 5. Relationship, Culture, Community and Personhood 6. Marginality and Theology of New Marginality 7. Cohesive Self and New Marginality: A Mutual Critical Correlation 8. Praxis-Reflection-Action Model: An Interdisciplinary Approach of Pastoral Care and Counseling 9. Application of Praxis-Reflection-Action Model of Pastoral Counseling
This book provides insight into the unique challenges facing Indian and South Asian immigrants in the West-particularly in the United States. It explores the "baggage" they carry; their expectations versus the realities of negotiating a new cultural, social, religious, and economic milieu; nostalgia and idealization of the past; and the hybridity of existence. Within this context, the author discusses factors which often contribute to intergenerational family conflict among this population. Jacob asserts that this conflict is largely a product of differences in cultural values and identity, acculturation stress, and the experience of marginality. After analyzing and interpreting empirical data collected from two hundred families, he proposes the "Praxis-Reflection-Action" (PRA) Model: a five-stage therapeutic model and the first pastoral psychotherapeutic model developed for the Asian Indians living in the West.
Autor: Varughese Jacob
Varughese Jacob, PhD, is a professional chaplain for hospital and hospice patients. As an ordained Christian minister, Jacob has served Indian and international communities in various capacities such as Pastor, Pastoral Counselor, and Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling.

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