Autor: Julie Emontspool
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Veröffentl: 01.02.2018
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Cosmopolitanism, Markets and Consumption

A Critical Global Perspective
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1. Introduction; Julie Emontspool and Ian Woodward.- Part I: The Cosmopolitan Concept: Definition, Uses and Challenges.- 2. Conceptualizing the field: Consuming the Other, Marketing Difference; Ian Woodward and Julie Emontspool.- 3. On decomposing the 'thick' and the 'thin' for measuring cosmopolitanism in multicultural marketplaces: why unpacking the foreign and global aspects of cosmopolitanism matters; Eva Kipnis.- 4. Aesthetic-cultural cosmopolitanism: a new kind of "good taste" among French youth; Vincenzo Cicchelli and Sylvie Octobre.- Part II: Cosmopolitan Spaces.- 5. Global Brands and cosmopolitanism: building cosmopolitan attitudes through global consumers in Sao Paulo; Viviane Riegel.- 6. Cosmopolitanism and its sociomaterial construction in the servicescape; Bernardo Figueiredo, Jonathan Bean and Hanne Pico Larsen.- 7. Cosmopolitan and non-cosmopolitan surfaces; Eduardo de la Fuente.- Part III: Ethics for a Global Humanity.- 8. Becoming morally cosmopolitan: the interplay of inner-outer moral commitments in the marketplace; Pilar Rojas Gaviria.- 9. 'Festivals implicate others': framing cosmopolitan encounters at a European festival; Dario Verderame.- 10. Buying the nation and beyond: discursive dilemmas in debates around cosmopolitan consumption; Farida Fozdar.- Part IV: Concluding Perspectives.- 11. Will consumer cosmopolitanism save the world? Should it?; Dannie Kjeldgaard.- 12. Hopelessly adrift? Cosmopolitanism, global citizenship and moral commitment; Zlatko Skrbis.
This book addresses the complicated question of how markets and consumption create the possibilities for cross-cultural exchanges and the multicultural pleasures of omnivorous consumption, whilst at the same time building new boundaries and distinctions, paving the way for new exploitative relationships, and initiating novel modes of status and capital accumulation. The contributors identify that the divide between the economic and ethical dimensions of globalisation has never seemed in sharper relief. With the workings of global markets at odds with fostering cosmopolitan social change, this collection addresses the question of whether we should assume that market logics and consumptive practices conflict with cosmopolitan agendas. It also explores whether the imperatives of economic globalisation and individual consumption practices are opposed to cosmopolitan prospects for global solidarities.

Cosmopolitanism, Markets and Consumption will be of interest to students and scholars across a range of disciplines including in the social sciences, businesses and marketing studies.
Editiert von: Julie Emontspool, Ian Woodward
Julie Emontspool is Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing and Management at the University of Southern Denmark

Ian Woodward is Professor in the Department of Marketing and Management at the University of Southern Denmark

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