Autor: Jonathan Waterlow
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Veröffentl: 01.02.2018
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War Crimes Trials and Investigations

A Multi-Disciplinary Introduction
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Chapter 1. War Crimes Trials and Investigations; Jacques Schuhmacher and Jonathan Waterlow. Chapter 2. Orientation. War Crimes Trials in Theory and Practice from the Middle Ages to the Present; Devin O. Pendas
Chapter 3. Forensic Anthropology. Whose Rules Are We Playing By?; Tim Thompson, Daniel Jiménez Gaytan, Shakira Bedoya, Ninel Pleitez
Chapter 4. Anthropometrics. The Application of Anthropometrics to Identify & Assess War Crimes; Mary Elisabeth Cox
Chapter 5. International Legal History; Jan Martin Lemnitzer.
Chapter 6. History. War Crimes in the Past and Present: A Historian's; Peter Romijn
Chapter 7. Violence Studies; Christian Gudehus.
Chapter 8. International Relations; Yuna Han
Chapter 9. Responsibility to Protect; Alex J. Bellamy.
Chapter 10. Moral Philosophy; Brian Orend.
This book represents the first multi-disciplinary introduction to the study of war crimes trials and investigations. It introduces readers to the numerous disciplines engaged with this complex subject, including: Forensic Anthropology, Economics and Anthropometrics, Legal History, Violence Studies, International Criminal Justice, International Relations, and Moral Philosophy. The contributors are experts in their respective fields and the chapters highlight each discipline's major trends, debates, methods and approaches to mass atrocity, genocide, and crimes against humanity, as well as their interactions with adjacent disciplines. Case studies illustrate how the respective disciplines work in practice, including examples from the Allied Hunger Blockade, WWII, the Guatemalan and Spanish Civil Wars, the Former Yugoslavia, and Uganda. Including bibliographical essays to offer readers crucial orientation when approaching the specialist literature in each case, this edited collection equips readers with what they need to know in order to navigate a complex, and until now, deeply fragmented field. A diverse and interdisciplinary body of research, this book will be indispensable reading for scholars of war crimes.
Autor: Jonathan Waterlow, Jacques Schuhmacher
Jonathan Waterlow is Co-Director of the War Crimes Research Network at the University of Oxford, UK, and a Research Associate at the University of Bristol, UK. He previously held a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at St Antony's College, Oxford.

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Autor: Jonathan Waterlow
ISBN-13:: 9783319640716
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