Autor: Günter Ruyters
ISBN-13: 9783319640532
Veröffentl: 01.01.2018
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Biotechnology in Space

SpringerBriefs in Space Life Sciences
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This book summarizes the early successes, drawbacks and accomplishments in cell biology and cell biotechnology achieved by the latest projects performed on the International Space Station ISS. It also depicts outcomes of experiments in tissue engineering, cancer research and drug design and reveals the chances that research in Space offers for medical application on Earth.

This SpringerBriefs volume provides an overview on the latest international activities in Space and gives an outlook on the potential of biotechnological research in Space in future.

This volume is written for students and researchers in Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Pharmacology and may specifically be of interest to scientists with focus on protein sciences, crystallization, tissue engineering, drug design and cancer research.
Autor: Günter Ruyters, Christian Betzel, Daniela Grimm
Prof. Dr. Guenter Ruyters (Prof. Emeritus) was Head of German Space Life Sciences Program,
German Aerospace Center (DLR), Space Management Bonn, Germany and is at present still working occasionally for the DLR.

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Autor: Günter Ruyters
ISBN-13:: 9783319640532
ISBN: 3319640534
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.01.2018
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 223g
Seiten: 109
Sprache: Englisch
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