Autor: Syed Azizul Haq Peng
ISBN-13: 9783319463605
Veröffentl: 29.01.2017
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Harvesting Rainwater from Buildings

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Chapter 1_ Introduction.- Chapter 2_ Rain and rainwater.- Chapter 3- Rainwater harvesting technologies.- Chapter 4- Water requirements.- Chapter 5- Rainwater collection.- Chapter 6- Rainwater storage.- Chapter 7- Rainwater conditioning.- Chapter 8- Rainwater supply system.- Chapter 9- Groundwater recharging.- Chapter 10-Rainwater drainage.- Chapter 11.- Rainwater harvesting elements.
The present book describes in detail all aspects of rainwater harvesting, including the basic concepts, procedures, opportunities and practice of rainwater harvesting mainly focusing its application in buildings of various occupancies and sizes. It provides a user-friendly methodology for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of rainwater harvesting infrastructure, in buildings and its premise, as a supplement to conventional water supplies. It highlights the application of plumbing technology, which is an important aspect of rainwater harvesting in buildings. It also includes global rainfall scenario and brief notes on all the elements of rainwater harvesting used in buildings. It is a valuable reference resource for policy and decision-makers, as well as for engineers, architects and students.

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Autor: Syed Azizul Haq Peng
ISBN-13:: 9783319463605
ISBN: 3319463608
Erscheinungsjahr: 29.01.2017
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 602g
Seiten: 266
Sprache: Englisch
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