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Heat Shock Proteins and Plants

10, Heat Shock Proteins
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Preface Part I: Small Plant Heat Shock Proteins (HSP)
1 Small Heat Shock Proteins: Emerging Roles in Seed Vigor and Longevity Harmeet Kaur, Bhanu Prakash Petla and Manoj Majee 2 Plant Small Heat Shock Proteins and its Interations with Biotic Stress Valéria Stefania Lopes-Caitar, Suellen Mika Hishinuma Silva and Francismar Corrêa Marcelino-Guimaraes
3 Small Heat Shock Proteins, a Key Player in Grass Plant Thermotolerance Kehua Wang, Xunzhong Zhang and Erik H. Ervin 4 Induction of Heat Shock Proteins During the Bud Dormancy Stage in Woody Fruit Plants Yoshihiro Takemura and Fumio Tamura 5 Evolution Canyon Eviatar Nevo and Yang Zujun 6 Insights into the Mechanism of Heat Shock Mitigation Through Protein Repair, Recycling and Degradation Rashid Mehmood Rana, Muhammad Ammar Khan, Muhammad Kausar Nawaz Shah, Zulfiqar Ali and Hongsheng Zhang Part II: Large Plant Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) 7 Plant Stress Response: HSP70 in the Spotlight Doel Ray, Anupama Ghosh, Soumyajit Banerjee Mustafi and Sanghamitra Raha 8 The Role of Plant 90-kDa Heat Shock Protein in Plant Immunity Marina G. Corigliano and Marina Clemente 9 Chloroplasts HSP70B and HSP90C as Markers for Oxidative Stress Stephanie Chankova and Nadezhda Yurina 10 The Involvement of HSP70 and HSP90 in Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus Infection in Tomato Plants and Insect Vectors Rena Gorovits, Yule Liu and Henryk Czosnek Part III: Heat Shock Proteins and Plant Therapeutics 11 Heat Shock Proteins and Phytochemicals: Role in Human Health and Disease Xinyu Wang, Srujana Rayalam and Vishakha Bhave 12 Plant Extracts and Animal Heat Shock Proteins in Aging Samuel E. Schriner 13 Molecular Chaperones and HSPs in Sugarcane and Eucalyptus Carlos H. I. Ramos and Conrado de Campos Gonçalves 14 Role of Heat Shock Proteins in Improving Heat Stress Tolerance in Crop Plants Palakolanu Sudhakar Reddy, Thammineni Chakradhar, Ramesha A. Reddy, Srikrishna Mahanty and Malireddy K. Reddy 15 NGS-Based Expression Profiling of HSP Genes During Cold and Freeze Stress in Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) P. C. Sharma and Saurabh Chaudhary 16 Epigenetic Regulation of Plant Heat Shock Protein (HSP) Gene Expression Yuanyuan Ren and Yan Zhu
Heat Shock Proteins and Plants provides the most up-to-date and concise reviews and progress on the role of heat shock proteins in plant biology, structure and function and is subdivided into chapters focused on Small Plant HSP s (Part I), Larger Plant HSP s (Part II) and HSP s for Therapeutic Gain (Part III). This book is written by eminent leaders and experts from around the world and is an important reference book and a must-read for undergraduate, postgraduate students and researchers in the fields of Agriculture, Botany, Crop Research, Plant Genetics and Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Drug Development and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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Autor: Alexzander A. A. Asea
ISBN-13:: 9783319463391
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