Autor: Mitchell S. Anscher
ISBN-13: 9783319455921
Veröffentl: 03.11.2016
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Strategies to Enhance the Therapeutic Ratio of Radiation as a Cancer Treatment

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1. Mechanisms of Normal Tissue Response.- 2. The Role of Hypoxia in Radiation Response.- 3. The Role of Cancer Stem Cells in Tumour Radioresponse.- 4. Novel Strategies to Prevent, Mitigate or Reverse Radiation Injury and Fibrosis.- 5. Technology Based Strategies to Enhance the Therapeutic Ratio.- 6. Nitric Oxide Synthase Uncoupling in Tumor Progression and Cancer Therapy.- 7. Aiming the Immune System to Improve the Antitumor Efficacy of Radiation Therapy.- 8. The Role of MicroRNAs in modulating Tissue Response to Radiation.- 9. Adapting Therapy Based on Tumor Response.- 10. NQO1 Bioactivatable Drugs Modify Radiation Responses.- 11. DNA Repair Pathways as a Potential Target for Radiosensitization.- 12. Radiosensitizing Glioma by Targeting ATM with Small Molecule Inhibitors.
This volume will describe recent progress and future directions in radiation oncology and biology research, focusing on strategies designed to improve disease control and reduce the risk of long-term adverse effects on patients. As more and more patients are becoming long-term survivors, this strategy will become increasingly important--in radiation oncology and throughout the field of oncology.
Editiert von: Mitchell S. Anscher, Kristoffer Valerie
Mitchell S. Anscher, MD, FACR, FACRO, FASTRO, is Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.

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Autor: Mitchell S. Anscher
ISBN-13:: 9783319455921
ISBN: 3319455923
Erscheinungsjahr: 03.11.2016
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 658g
Seiten: 305
Sprache: Englisch
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