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Integration and Clustering for Sustainable Economic Growth

Contributions to Economics
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Part 1: Building Cluster Initiatives as a Factor of Competitiveness of Modern Enterprises.- Chapter 1: Contradiction of Clusters Taxation in Russia: Taxes as Barriers and Stimuli for Clustering.- Chapter 2: Using Project-Based Approach in Public-Private Partnership with Participation of Corporate Holding Structures.- Chapter 3: Effective HR Management as the Most Important Condition of Successful Business Administration.- Chapter 4: Marketing Strategies of Cluster Development in Retailing Sector.- Chapter 5: Place and Role of Budgeting in the System of Methods of Managerial Accounting of Cluster Contractual Relationship.- Chapter 6: Role of Clusters in Promotion of Region's Economic Competitiveness.- Chapter 7: Clustering as a Growth Point of Modern Russian Business.- Chapter 8: Perspectives of Use of Competence-Based Approach to Management in Educational Services Market.- Chapter 9: Marketing Aspects of Cluster Management in Retailing Sector.- Chapter 10: History of Views on Audit of Commercial Structures Management Quality.- Chapter 11: Approaches to Organization of Project Management in Russia.- Chapter 12: CORPORATE CULTURE OF COMMERCIAL ORGANIZATION AS AN EFFECTIVE MANAGEMENT TOOL.- Part 2: Provision of Economic Security by Means of Creation of Innovational Network of Transnational Cluster Initiatives.- Chapter 13: Transnational Cluster Initiatives in Business as a Top-Priority Direction of Maximization of Economic Growth in Asian Countries.- Chapter 14: Modeling of Eco-Economic Security With the Use of Tax Instrumentarium.- Chapter 15: Formation of the System of Clustering as a Means of Perspective Development of Innovational Infrastructure of Region.- Chapter 16: Concept of Innovational Development of Entrepreneurial Potential of Small Enterprises.- Chapter 17: Problems and High-Priority Directions of Realization of Innovational Strategy of Development of Fuel and Energy Complex Enterprises.- Chapter 18: Biotech Cluster as a Critetion of Food Security Formation.- Chapter 19: Education as the National Safety Element in the Globalizing World.- Chapter 20: Formation of Creative Approach to Economic Activities as One of the Goals of Professional Training of Future Economists.- Chapter 21: Marketing Instrumentarium of Provision of Food Security.- Chapter 22: Innovational Approach to Management of Human Resources of Cluster Entity.- Chapter 23: YOUNG SPECIALISTS LABOR MARKET IN MODERN RUSSIA: ANALYSIS, PROBLEMS, AND PERSPECTIVES.- Part 3: Effectiveness of State Management and Economic Growth in the Context of Global Integration and Clustering.- Chapter 24: Sense of Rational Approach to Socio-Economic Development of Entrepreneurship.- Chapter 25: Integration of Social and Innovative Activities into Industrial Organization.- Chapter 26: Using Economic and Mathematical Methods During Formation of Construction Cluster.- Chapter 27: Support for Cluster Initiatives in View of Development of Innovational Economy: Regarding the Issue of Legal Regulation at the Level of Subjects of the Russian Federation.- Chapter 28: Methodology of Complex Evaluation of Eco-Economic Effectiveness of Agricultural Clusters.- Chapter 29: POLITICAL EXISTENCE OF THE SYSTEM OF SOCIAL SPACE-TIME.- Chapter 30: Wind Rose as One of the Main Factors of Apartment Buying Decision.- Chapter 31: Conceptual Aspects of Tax System Development in Cyclic Economy.- Chapter 32: Economic Aspects of Application of Biotechnologies During Creation of Forest Plantations.- Part 4: Methodological Approaches to Measurement of Sustainable Development of Industrial Enterprises Under the Conditions of Integration and Clustering.- Chapter 33: Educational Clusters as a Factor of Development of Educational Services Market in Region.- ...
This book describes the importance of integration and clustering in creating sustainable economic growth. Modern economic conditions demonstrate the need for governmental stimulation of cluster initiatives in entrepreneurship, and make it necessary to study the experience of developed countries in the sphere of stimulation of cluster initiatives in entrepreneurship, and to offer recommendations for improving the system of state stimulation of these initiatives. The authors conclude that at present, innovational economy is an economic system that functions on the basis of business networks, as this model offers innovational cooperation between specialists from various scientific and technical spheres, between organizations of various sizes (large, medium, and small), and between groups of various types of companies. Cluster strategy in modern global practice is one of the most important tools of public policy for increasing the competitiveness of national economies. This means that the most competitive spheres develop on the basis of the cluster principle, and support for cluster building increases a country's economic competitiveness.

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