Autor: Ofer Aluf
ISBN-13: 9783319454252
Veröffentl: 01.12.2016
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Microwave RF Antennas and Circuits

Nonlinearity Applications in Engineering
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RFID Antennas systems descriptions and analysis.- Microwave elements description and stability analysis.- Microwave semiconductor amplifiers stability analysis.- Small Signal (SS) amplifiers & Matching network stability analysis.- Power Amplifier (PA) system stability analysis.- Oscillator system stability analysis.- Filters systems stability analysis.- Antennae system stability analysis.- High Power transistor circuits stability analysis.- Microwave/RF and antennas Bifurcation behaviors - Investigation, comparison and conclusions.
This book describes a new concept for analyzing RF/microwave circuits, which includes RF/microwave antennas. The book is unique in its emphasis on practical and innovative microwave RF engineering applications. The analysis is based on nonlinear dynamics and chaos models and shows comprehensive benefits and results. All conceptual RF microwave circuits and antennas are innovative and can be broadly implemented in engineering applications.
Given the dynamics of RF microwave circuits and antennas, they are suitable for use in a broad range of applications. The book presents analytical methods for microwave RF antennas and circuit analysis, concrete examples, and geometric examples. The analysis is developed systematically, starting with basic differential equations and their bifurcations, and subsequently moving on to fixed point analysis, limit cycles and their bifurcations.

Engineering applications include microwave RF circuits and antennas in a variety of topological structures, RFID ICs and antennas, microstrips, circulators, cylindrical RF network antennas, Tunnel Diodes (TDs), bipolar transistors, field effect transistors (FETs), IMPATT amplifiers, Small Signal (SS) amplifiers, Bias-T circuits, PIN diode circuits, power amplifiers, oscillators, resonators, filters, N-turn antennas, dual spiral coil antennas, helix antennas, linear dipole and slot arrays, and hybrid translinear circuits. In each chapter, the concept is developed from the basic assumptions up to the final engineering outcomes. The scientific background is explained at basic and advanced levels and closely integrated with mathematical theory.

The book also includes a wealth of examples, making it ideal for intermediate graduate level studies. It is aimed at electrical and electronic engineers, RF and microwave engineers, students and researchers in physics, and will also greatly benefit all engineers who have had no formal instruction in nonlinear dynamics, but who now desire to bridge the gap between innovative microwave RF circuits and antennas and advanced mathematical analysis methods.
Autor: Ofer Aluf
Dr. Ofer Aluf is a graduate of Ben-Gurion University (Israel), and holds a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering and an MSc in Physics. He has many years of experience on the high tech market in the following areas: system and integration engineering; application and support; wafers testing; chip design; RF and microwave systems verification; and semiconductors. His specialties include: circuits and systems; RF and microwave systems; RF and microwave antennas - design, simulation and analysis; RFID systems - design and simulation; electro-optics; non-linear dynamics; optical and electro-optical systems; RF/RFIC circuits - simulation and analysis; and biological systems analysis. He has published numerous refereed papers in professional and IEEE journals.

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Autor: Ofer Aluf
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