Autor: Aminul Islam
ISBN-13: 9783319452722
Veröffentl: 04.10.2016
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Biodiesel Production with Green Technologies

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1 Introduction.- 2 Literature review.- 3 Materials and Methods.- 4 Development of Millimetric Particle for Biodiesel Production.- 5 Production of Biodiesel using Spherical Millimetric Catalyst.- 6 Conclusions.
This book provides a single-source reference to green technologies in advanced biofuel technology. The main focus is on the description of the state of the art in catalytic processes for the "green" production of biofuels. The authors describe two different, practical approaches for catalysts, which allow for effective and easy separation of the catalyst by simple filtration, and enable reuse for several cycles. Readers will gain understanding as to the mechanisms involved in the synthesis and structure formation of the catalyst, in order to maximize yield of biodiesel production. The authors also address the question of how catalytic material should be distributed inside a porous support to obtain optimal performance. The effects of physicochemical and operating parameters are analyzed to gain insight into the underlying phenomena governing the performance of optimally designed catalysts.<
Autor: Aminul Islam, Pogaku Ravindra
Md. Aminul Islam received his M Phil (2008) from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh and PhD (2012) from University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Malaysia. After three years as postdoctoral fellow (2012-1215) at the Catalysis and Science Research Center, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, he joined the Faculty of Engineering, University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Malaysia, as Senior Lecturer. His scientific interests are focused on biodiesel, renewable energy, technological applications of materials science, and environmental heterogeneous catalysis.
Dr. Ravindra Pogaku is Professor of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Sabah, Malaysia. He has diverse yet rewarding experience in teaching, research, industry, management and administrative fields spanning over 35 years. Prof.Ravindra was visiting scientist at Cornell University and Visiting professor at Pennsylvania State University. Professor Ravindra research interests is on greener processes and production of chemicals, biomaterials, bio-wealth from waste, bioprocess engineering, enzyme engineering, bioremediation and bioleaching.

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Autor: Aminul Islam
ISBN-13:: 9783319452722
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