Autor: Remko Helms
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Social Knowledge Management in Action

3, Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning
Applications and Challenges
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Social Media and Knowledge Management: A perfect couple.- Part I: Enterprise Social Networks for Knowledge Management: Conceptual Foundations.- Enterprise Social Networks - Platforms for Enabling and Understanding Knowledge Work?.- Transformation of Knowledge Sharing Motivations in the Presence of Social Media.- Part II: Managing the implementation of KM: Identifying what Works.- A Comparative Analysis of Social Information and Communication Systems for Supporting Potential Absorptive Capacity.- Web 2.0 Applications for Knowledge Management in Small and Micro Firms: Top-down vs. Bottom-up Approach.- Web 2.0 and Personal Knowledge Management: A Framework of Skills for Effectiveness.- Part III: Frontiers for Social Knowledge Management.- Dimensions of User Behavior in Enterprise Social Networks.- Design and Implementation of Socially Driven Knowledge Management Systems for Revitalizing Endangered Languages.
Knowledge management (KM) is about managing the lifecycle of knowledge consisting of creating, storing, sharing and applying knowledge. Two main approaches towards KM are codification and personalization. The first focuses on capturing knowledge using technology and the latter on the process of socializing for sharing and creating knowledge. Social media are becoming very popular as individuals and also organizations learn how to use it. The primary applications of social media in a business context are marketing and recruitment. But there is also a huge potential for knowledge management in these organizations. For example, wikis can be used to collect organizational knowledge and social networking tools, which leads to exchanging new ideas and innovation. The interesting part of social media is that, by using them, one immediately starts to generate content that can be useful for the organization. Hence, they naturally combine the codification and personalisation approaches to KM. This book aims to provide an overview of new and innovative applications of social media and to report challenges that need to be solved. One example is the watering down of knowledge as a result of the use of organizational social media (Von Krogh, 2012).

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Autor: Remko Helms
ISBN-13:: 9783319451312
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Gewicht: 428g
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Sprache: Englisch
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