Autor: Paolo Di Giamberardino
ISBN-13: 9783319380186
Veröffentl: 27.08.2016
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Computational Modeling of Objects Presented in Images

Fundamentals, Methods and Applications
 Previously published in hardcover
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This book offers extended versions of selected papers from the 3rd International Symposium CompIMAGE. Topics include methods of signal and image processing and analysis for problems in medicine, material science, surveillance, biometrics, robotics and more.
Preface.- The surveying and representation process applied to archaeology: a quest for invariants in a highly variable context, by Carlo Bianchini, Francesco Borgogni, Alfonso Ippolito, Luca J. Senatore.- Architectural heritage and 3D models, by Mario Centofanti, Stefano Brusaporci and Vittorio Lucchese.- Flow patterns in aortic circulation associated to the Mustard procedure, by Giuseppe D'Avenio, Salvatore Donatiello, Aurelio Secinaro, Alessandro Palombo, Bruno Marino, Antonio Amodeo, Mauro Grigioni.- Fuzzy image segmentation: an automatic unsupervised method, by Silvana G. Dellepiane, Sonia Nardotto.- The e-slide in the e-Laboratory of cytology: where are we?, by Daniele Giansanti, Mauro Grigioni, Marco Pochini, Sandra Morelli, Giuseppe D'Avenio, Alberto Boschetto, Luana Bottini and Maria Rosaria Giovagnoli.- Fatigue loading of a ferritic ductile cast iron: damaging characterization, by Vittorio Di Cocco, Daniela Iacoviello, Francesco Iacoviello, Alessandra Rossi.- Adaptive sampling and reconstruction for Sparse Magnetic Resonance Imaging, by Laura Ciancarella, Danilo Avola, Michael Felsberg and Giuseppe Placidi.- Driver's Hand Detection and Tracking based on Address Event Representation (AER), by Antonio Ríos, Cristina Conde, Isaac Martín de Diego, Enrique Cabello.- Determination of in-plane and off-plane surface displacements with grids virtually applied to digital images, by Valerio Lux, Emanuele Marotta, Pietro Salvini.- Can numerical modelling help surgeons in abdominal hernia surgery?, by B. Hernández-Gascón, E. Peña, G. Pascual, J. M. Bellón, B. Calvo.- Current research results on depth map interpolation techniques, by Stefania Colonnese, Stefano Rinauro, Gaetano Scarano.- Iris Image Correction Method from Unconstrained Images, by Frigerio Eliana, Marcon Marco.- Texture Image Segmentation by Weighted Image Gradient Norm Terms based on Local Histogram and Active Contours, by Juan C. Moreno.- Study of the Prognostic Relevance of Longitudinal Brain Atrophy in Post-traumatic Diffuse Axonal Injury using Graph-based MRI Segmentation Techniques, by Emanuele Monti, Valentina Pedoia, Elisabetta Binaghi, Sergio Balbi.- The development of a hybrid solution to replacement of clouds and shadows in remote sensing images, by Ana Carolina Siravenha, Danilo Sousa, Evaldo Pelaes.- Echocardiographic Image Processing, by Massimiliano Pedone.
This book contains extended versions of selected papers from the 3rd edition of the International Symposium CompIMAGE.
These contributions include cover methods of signal and image processing and analysis to tackle problems found in medicine, material science, surveillance, biometric, robotics, defence, satellite data, traffic analysis and architecture, image segmentation, 2D and 3D reconstruction, data acquisition, interpolation and registration, data visualization, motion and deformation analysis and 3D vision.

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Autor: Paolo Di Giamberardino
ISBN-13:: 9783319380186
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