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Organized Crime, Corruption and Crime Prevention

Essays in Honor of Ernesto U. Savona
 Previously published in hardcover
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This volume provides an overview of the important research career of Professor Ernesto U. Savona, founder of Transcrime, an important criminological think-tank in Europe. It presents practical applications of criminology research with policy implications.
Integrity Plans and Prevention of Corruption.- Combatting Corruption.- Corporate Psychopatcs.- Political Corruption of International Criminal Justice.- Measuring Corruption.- Criminals, Beneficial Owners and the Use of Companies for Money Laundering.- Usury as an Evolving Concept.- Risk Assessment of Juvenile Delinquency.- Script Analysis and Situational Crime Prevention.- Some Difficulties with Crime Statistics.- Preventing Crime in the UAE.- Incentives and Crime Reduction.- Preventing Crime and Evoking Altruism.- Policing and the Problem of Trust.- Social Capital and Delinqency.- Understanding Long Term Crime Trends in Italy and Elsewhere.- Biology, Neurosciences and Criminology.- International Collaboration in Criminology.- Non Italian Mafias in Italy.- The Changing Face of Organized Crime.- Organized Crime and Small Arm Trafficking.- Organized Crime and the Internet.- Understanding Banking and the Role of Traditional Organized Crime.- Measuring Organized Crime Presence in Italy.- Choosing a Micro or Macro Perspective on Studying Organized Crime.- The Business of Terrorism.- Changing Patterns of Chinese Organized Crime in North America.- Tackling Organized Crime through Confiscation.- Measuring Violence Against Women Victimization Risk.- Misusing Social Indicators.- Using Self-Report Surveys to Measure Crime.- Old Crime and New Immigrant Crime.- Measuring Crime Against Businesses.- Patterns of Theft and Fraud by Employees in Switzerland.- Immigrants as Victims of Crime.- High-level Drug Trafficking.
This volume collects new contributions to research on mafias, organized crime, money laundering, and other forms of complex crimes, gathering some of the most authoritative and well-known scholars in the field. The chapters for this volume are original peices written in honor of the retirement of Dr. Ernesto U. Savona, highlighting his research and legacy. Throughout his academic career, Professor Ernesto U. Savona has investigated complex crimes ranging from organized crime, to economic crime, to money laundering. In his work, he has tried to bring together academics, policy makers, and practitioners to bring understanding for crime problems and innovative solutions. His passion towards the practical application of the findings of scientific research led him to found Transcrime in 1994, which is today among the most important criminological think-tanks in Europe.This important book is aimed at scholars studying criminal policy and research, particularly in the areas of criminal networks, organized crime, white collar crime, the history of criminology.

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Autor: Francesco Calderoni
ISBN-13:: 9783319377674
ISBN: 3319377671
Erscheinungsjahr: 27.08.2016
Verlag: Springer International Publishing
Gewicht: 544g
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