Autor: Marc Aiguier
ISBN-13: 9783319377636
Veröffentl: 27.08.2016
Einband: Previously published in hardcover
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Complex Systems Design & Management

Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management CSD&M 2013
 Previously published in hardcover
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Most recent trends in complex systems sciences & practices from an industrial and academic perspective
Foundations for Model-based Engineering of Systems of Systems.- Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems-iCyPhy.- SoS and Large-scale Complex Systems Architecting.- Policy Design: a New Area of Design Research and Practice.- A Virtual Web Net to Eco-Manage Food Packaging Waste.- Open Architecture for Naval CDS.- Application of an MBSE Approach for the Integration of Multidisciplinary Design.- A Hybrid Event-B Study of Lane Centering.- A Method for Managing Uncertainty Levels in Design Variables During Complex Product Development.- Capturing Variability in Model Based Systems Engineering.- Simulation Methods in the Healthcare Systems.- Unifying Human Centered Design and Systems Engineering for Human Systems Integration.- A Product Development Architecture with an Engineering Execution Representation of the Development Process.- Passenger's Transport Between Platform and Train within the Metro in Paris.- Specifying some Key SE Training Artifacts.- An Engineering Systems Model for the Quantitative Analysis of the Energy-Water Nexus.- A Visual Logic for the Description of Highway Traffic Scenarios.- Early Stage Verification and Validation of Cyber-Physical Systems through Requirements Driven Probabilistic Certificate of Correctness Metric.- Re-Using SysML System Architectures.- Water Saving in a Complex Industrial System - Evaluation of the Sustainability of Options with System Dynamics.- Handling Complexity in System of Systems Projects - Lessons Learned from MBSE Efforts in Border Security Projects.- The Multidimensional Hierarchically Integrated Framework for Modeling Complex Engineering Systems.- Natural Systems Engineering.- Integrated Product Team in Large Scale and Complex Systems.
This book contains all refereed papers that were accepted to the fourth edition of the " Complex Systems Design & Management " (CSD&M 2013) international conference which took place in Paris (France) from December 4-6, 2013.
These proceedings cover the most recent trends in the emerging field of complex systems sciences & practices from an industrial and academic perspective, including the main industrial domains (transport, defense & security, electronics, energy & environment, e-services), scientific & technical topics (systems fundamentals, systems architecture & engineering, systems metrics & quality, systemic tools) and system types (transportation systems, embedded systems, software & information systems, systems of systems, artificial ecosystems).

The CSD&M 2013 conference is organized under the guidance of the CESAMES non-profit organization.

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Autor: Marc Aiguier
ISBN-13:: 9783319377636
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Erscheinungsjahr: 27.08.2016
Verlag: Springer International Publishing
Gewicht: 567g
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Sprache: Englisch
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