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Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Volume 1

Proceedings of the 2013 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics
 Previously published in hardcover
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'Dynamic Deformation Behavior of AA2099-T8 Under Compression and Torsion Loads.- High Strain Rate Performance of Pressureless Sintered Boron Carbide.- Interpretation of Strain Rate Effect of Metals.- High Strain Rate Friction Response Of Porcine Molar Teeth And Temporary Braces.- Dynamics of Interfaces with Static Initial Loading.- Loading Rate Effects on Mode I Delamination of Z-pinned Composite Laminates.- Multi-scale Testing Techniques for Carbon Nanotube Augmented Kevlar.- Single Fiber Tensile Properties Measured by the Kolsky bar Using the Direct Fiber Clamping Method.- A Testing Technique for Characterizing Composite at Strain Rates up to 100/s.- A New Technique of Dynamic Spherical Indentation Based on SHPB.- Analysis and Simulations of Quasi-static Torsion Tests on Nearly Incompressible Soft Materials.- Damage of Rubber Foams During Large Cyclic Compression.- Extreme Tensile Damage and Failure in Glassy Polymers via Dynamic-tensile-extrusion.- Strain Rate and Temperature Dependence in PVC.- Strain Rate Dependence of Yield Condition of Polyamide 11.- Effect of Strain Rate on Mechanical Response of PBX Simulants.- Effect of Loading Rate on Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Polycarbonate.- Mixed Mode Fracture Behavior of Layered Plates.- Failure Analysis of Micron Scaled Silicon Under High Rate Loading.- Dynamic fracture analysis of Semi-circular Bending (SCB) Specimen by the Optical Method of Caustics.- Effect of Loading Rate on Dynamic Fracture Behavior of Glass and Carbon Fiber Modified Epoxy.- Application of Element Free Galerkin Method to High Speed Crack Propagation Analysis.- Improving Ballistic Fiber Strength: Insights From Experiment and Simulation.- Simulating Wave Propagation in SHPB With Peridynamics.- Investigation of Dynamic Failure of Metallic Adhesion: A Space-technology Related Case of Study.- Shock Wave Profile Effects on Dynamic Failure of Tungsten Heavy Alloy.- Adhesively Joined Crush Tube Structures Subjected to Impact Loading.- Dynamic Buckling of Submerged Tubes due to Impulsive External Pressure.- High Strain Rate Response of Layered Micro Balloon Filled Aluminum.- Dynamic Triaxial Compression Experiments on Cor-Tuf Specimens.- Deceleration-displacement Response for Projectiles That Penetrate Concrete Targets.- Dynamic Fracture and Impact Energy Absorption Characteristics of PMMA-PU Transparent Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPNs).- Estimating Statistically-distributed Grain-Scale Material Properties From Bulk-Scale Experiments.- Spall Behavior of Cast Iron with Varying Microstructures.- A Scaling Law for APM2 Bullets and Aluminum Armor.- A Novel Torsional Kolsky Bar for Testing Materials at Constant-shear-strain-rates.- A Method for Dynamic Fracture Toughness Determination Using Torsion Hopkinson Pressure bar.- Characterization of Sheet Metals in Shear Over a Wide Range of Strain Rates.- Material Identification of Blast Loaded Aluminum Plates Through Inverse Modeling.- Implosion of a Tube Within a Closed Tube: Experiments and Computational Simulations.- Testing Techniques for Shock Accelerometers below 10,000 g.- ONR MURI Project on Soil Blast Modeling and Simulation.- Dynamic Behavior of Saturated Soil under Buried Explosive Loading.- A Near Nose Investigation of a Sand Penetration Event.- Poncelet Coefficients of Granular Media.- Effect of Moisture on the Compressive Behavior of Dense Eglin Sand Under Confinement at High Strain Rates.- Shearing Rate Effects on Dense Sand and Compacted Clay.- High-energy Diffraction Microscopy Characterization of Spall Damage.- Quantitative Visualization of High-rate Material Response with Dynamic Proton Radiography.- Investigation of Dynamic Material Cracking With In Situ Synchrotron-based Measurements.- Impact Bend Tests Using Hopkinson Pressure Bars.- A Methodology for In-Situ FIB/SEM Tension Testing of Metals.- Characterization of Damage Evolution in Ti2AlC and
Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Volume 1: Proceedings of the 2013 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics , the first volume of eight from the Conference, brings together contributions to this important area of research and engineering. The collection presents early findings and case studies on fundamental and applied aspects of Experimental Mechanics, including papers on:
General Dynamic Material Properties

Novel Dynamic Testing Techniques

Dynamic Fracture and Failure

Novel Testing Techniques

Dynamic Behavior of Geo-materials

Dynamic Behavior of Biological and Biomimetic Materials

Dynamic Behavior of Composites and Multifunctional Materials

Dynamic Behavior of Low-Impedance materials

Multi-scale Modeling of Dynamic Behavior of Materials

Quantitative Visualization of Dynamic Behavior of Materials

Shock/Blast Loading of Materials

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Autor: Dan Casem
ISBN-13:: 9783319376240
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