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Ernest Sosa

Münstersche Vorlesungen zur Philosophie / Münster Lectures in Philosophy
Targeting His Philosophy
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Presents the work of one of the most distinguished contemporary philosophers
Preface.- Chapter 1: A Sketch of His Epistemology.- Chapter 2: Knowledge in Action.- Chapter 3: Manifesting One's Competences Successfully and Aptly: Enough to Beat the Sceptic?.- Chapter 4: Putting Testimony in Its Place.- Chapter 5 : Man the Irrational Animal?.- Chapter 6: Yes There Can! Rehabilitating Philosophy as a Scientific Discipline.- Chapter 7: Causation, Constitution and Existence.- Chapter 8: A Snowslide of Entities: Does Sosa's Existential Relativism Provide a Barrier Against Being Buried?.- Chapter 9: What Makes my Thought About X a Thought About X? Putting Sosa's Externalistic Internalism to the Test.- Chapter 10: Replies.
This volume provides the reader with exclusive insights into Ernest Sosa's latest ideas as well as main aspects of his philosophical work of the last 50 years. Ernest Sosa, one of the most distinguished contemporary philosophers, is best known for his ground-breaking work in epistemology, and has also contributed greatly to metaphysics, metaphilosophy and philosophy of language.
This book, resulting from the 18th Münster Lectures in Philosophy, includes an original article by Sosa on his most recent work in epistemology, and seven critical papers that target a wide range of topics from Sosa's oeuvre, as well as Sosa's responses. As regards his epistemology, the issues discussed include his solution of the sceptical problem in his most recent work and the question of how to integrate a sensible account of testimony to Sosa's virtue epistemology.

The selected topics from his other fields of inquiry include his view on empirical challenges to human rationality, his defense of the scientific status of philosophy, his concept of causality as considered against the background of the current debate, his suggestion of a middle-way between existential relativism and absolutism and his externalistic internalism in the philosophy of mind and language.
Editiert von: Amrei Bahr, Markus Seidel
Markus Seidel is a Postdoctoral Researcher and Lecturer at the Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Münster, Germany. His research focuses on general philosophy of science and epistemology. Besides several articles in these areas he is the author of the book Epistemic Relativism. A Constructive Critique (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).

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