Autor: David S. Goodsell
ISBN-13: 9783319325088
Veröffentl: 01.09.2016
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Atomic Evidence

Seeing the Molecular Basis of Life
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Chapter 1. The Protein Data Bank.- Chapter 2. Seeing is Believing: Methods of Structure Solution.- Chapter 3. Visualizing the Invisible World of Molecules.- Chapter 4. The Twists and Turns of DNA.- Chapter 5. The Central Dogma.- Chapter 6. The Secret of Life: The Genetic Code.- Chapter 7. Evolution in Action.- Chapter 8. How Evolution Shapes Proteins.- Chapter 9. The Universe of Protein Folds.- Chapter 10. Order and Chaos in Protein Structure.- Chapter 11. Molecular Electronics.- Chapter 12. Green Energy.- Chapter 13. Peak Performance.- Chapter 14. Cellular Signaling Networks.- Chapter 15. GPCRs Revealed.- Chapter 16. Signaling with Hormones.- Chapter 17: Single Molecule Chemistry: Enzyme Action and the Transition State.- Chapter 18. Seven Wonders of the World of Enzymes.- Chapter 19. Building Bodies.- Chapter 20. Coloring the Biological World.- Chapter 21. Amazing Antibodies.- Chapter 22. Attack and Defense: Weapons of the Immune System.- Chapter 23. Reconstructing HIV.
This book will take an evidence-based approach to current knowledge about biomolecules and their place in our lives, inviting readers to explore how we know what we know, and how current gaps in knowledge may influence the way we approach the information. Biomolecular science is increasingly important in our everyday life, influencing the choices we make about our diet, our health, and our wellness. Often, however, information about biomolecular science is presented as a list of immutable facts, discouraging critical thought. The book will introduce the basic tools of structural biology, supply real-life examples, and encourage critical thought about aspects of biology that are still not fully understood.
Autor: David S. Goodsell
David Goodsell is an Associate Professor of Molecular Biology at the Scripps Research Institute, where he currently divides his time between research and science outreach. His research centers on methods for predicting and analyzing biomolecular complexes, and application of these methods to drug discovery and drug design. His science outreach work builds on his work in molecular graphics and computation. He currently authors a monthly column at the RCSB Protein Data Bank that presents molecular structure and function for general audiences. He has also written three general-interest books including "The Machinery of Life" and "Our Molecular Nature". He has also collaborated with science museums, filmmakers and popular authors on the creation of educational and outreach materials.

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Autor: David S. Goodsell
ISBN-13:: 9783319325088
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Erscheinungsjahr: 01.09.2016
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Gewicht: 552g
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