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Security-Aware Device-to-Device Communications Underlaying Cellular Networks

SpringerBriefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering
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Introduction.- Secure Data Transmission Protocol.- Joint Physical-application Layer Security.- Cooperation Stimulation.- Summary.
The objective of this SpringerBrief is to present security architectures and incentive mechanisms to realize system availability for D2D communications. D2D communications enable devices to communicate directly, improving resource utilization, enhancing user's throughput, extending battery lifetime, etc. However, due to the open nature of D2D communications, there are two substantial technical challenges when applied to large-scale applications, that is, security and availability which is demonstrated in this book.
This SpringerBrief proposes a secure data sharing protocol, which merges the advantages of public key cryptography and symmetric encryption, to achieve data security in D2D communications. Furthermore, a joint framework involving both the physical and application layer security technologies is proposed for multimedia service over D2D communications thus the scalable security service can be achieved without changing the current communication framework. Additionally, as the system availability largely depends on the cooperation degree of the users, a graph-theory based cooperative content dissemination scheme is proposed to achieve maximal Quality of Experience (QoE) with fairness and efficiency.
This SpringerBrief will be a valuable resource for advanced-level students and researchers who want to learn more about cellular networks.

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Autor: Aiqing Zhang
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