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Emerging Issues in Groundwater Resources

Advances in Water Security
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1. Effects Of Climate Change And Sea Level Rise On Coastal Water Resources.- 2. Assessing Groundwater Pollution Risk In Response To Climate Change And Variability.- 3. Deficit Irrigation As A Strategy To Cope With Declining Groundwater Supplies: Experiences From Kansas.- 4. Hydraulic Fracturing And Its Potential Impact On Shallow Groundwater.- 5. Pharmaceuticals And Groundwater Resources.- 6. Remote Sensing Applications For Monitoring Water Resources In The Uae Using Lake Zakher As A Water Storage Gauge.- 7. Assessment Of Groundwater Balance Terms Based On The Cross-Calibration Of Two Different Independent Approaches.- 8. Evaluation Of Submarine Groundwater Discharge As Coastal Nutrient Source And Its Role In Coastal Groundwater Quality And Quantity.- 9. Quantifying Groundwater Export From An Urban Reservoir: A Case Study From Coastal South Carolina.- 10. Evaluating Hydrogeological And Topographic Controls On Groundwater Arsenic Contamination In The Middle-Ganga Plain In India: Towards Developing Sustainable Arsenic Mitigation Models.- 11. Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions in Relation to Natural and Anthropogenic Environmental Changes.- 12. Contemporary Methods For Quantifying Submarine Groundwater Discharge To Coastal Areas.- 13. Management Of Declining Groundwater Resources And The Role Of Policy Planning In Semi-Arid Economies: The Case Of Texas High Plains.- 14. Groundwater Exploitation As Thermal Fluid In Very-Low Enthalpy Geothermal Plants In Coastal Aquifers.
This book discusses how emerging groundwater risks under current and potential climate change conductions reduce available groundwater resources for domestic use, and agriculture and energy production. The topics discussed throughout this book are grouped into five sections; (i) Sea Level Rise, Climate Change, and Food Security, (ii) Emerging Contaminants, (iii) Technologies and Decision Support Systems, (iv) Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions, and (v) Economics, and Energy Production and Development.
This book is unique and different from other groundwater hydrology books in that it uses a holistic approach in investigating the risks related to groundwater resources. This book will be of interest to a wide audience in academia, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and environmental entities. This book will greatly contribute to a better understanding of the emerging risks to groundwater resources and should help responsible stakeholders make informed decisions in this regard.

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Autor: Ali Fares
ISBN-13:: 9783319320069
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