Autor: Marshall Gordon
ISBN-13: 9783319254043
Veröffentl: 20.12.2015
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Enabling Students in Mathematics

A Three-Dimensional Perspective for Teaching Mathematics in Grades 6-12
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Introduction.- On Developing Students' Mathematical Intelligence.- Presentations into Investigations.- Habits of the Mind: The Heart of the Mathematics Curriculum.- Lessons from a Third-Grade Mathematics Classroom.- Sharing the Language of Productive Inquiry.- Collaborative Mathematics Investigations.- On Providing a Supportive Mathematics Classroom.- Including Students' Goals.- Grading What We Value.- Homework as a Responsible Practice.- Mathematics Classroom Observations.- Summing Up.
This book addresses the cognitive, social, and psychological dimensions that shape students' mathematics experience to help students become more capable, cooperative, and confident in the process of engaging mathematics. In these ways they can have a more valuable and enjoyable mathematics experience, and become more valued participants in society. The book focuses on the mathematics classroom for students grades six to twelve and how students can become more successful mathematical thinkers, in addition to how the curriculum could be presented so as to provide a more engaging mathematics experience.
Autor: Marshall Gordon
Marshall Gordon, EdD has spent over 40 years teaching mathematics in secondary schools and mathematics education and philosophy of education in undergraduate and graduate school. He received his AB in mathematics and philosophy from Hunter College, City University of New York, and his EdD in mathematics education from Columbia University Teachers College. He has been at the Park School of Baltimore since 1985.

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Autor: Marshall Gordon
ISBN-13:: 9783319254043
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Erscheinungsjahr: 20.12.2015
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Gewicht: 396g
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Sprache: Englisch
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