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Estuaries: A Lifeline of Ecosystem Services in the Western Indian Ocean

Estuaries of the World
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1: The Western Indian Ocean: A Wealth of Life-Supporting Ecosystem Goods and Services.- 2: Species composition of fisheries resources of the Tana and Sabaki estuaries in the Malindi-Ungwana Bay, Kenya.- 3: Are peri-urban mangroves vulnerable? An assessment through litter fall studies.- 4: The importance of the Thukela River Estuary, East Coast of South Africa, for the biology of the near-shore environment and associated human aspects: a review .- 5: The mangroves of Ambanja and Ambaro Bays, northwest Madagascar: Historical dynamics, current status and deforestation mitigation strategy.- 6: Tana Delta and Sabaki Estuaries of Kenya: freshwater and sediment input, upstream threats and management challenges.- 7: Integrated Water Resources Management in a Changing Climate: the Implication of Anthropogenic activities on the Tana and Athi/Sabaki Rivers Water System for Sustainable Development.- 8: The socioeconomic causes and impacts of modification of Tana River flow regime.- 9: Hydrodynamic Modelling on Transport, Dispersion and Deposition of Suspended Particulate Matter in Pangani Estuary, Tanzania.- 10: Tanzanian reef building corals may succumb to bleaching events: Evidences from coral-Symbiodinium symbioses.- 11: Estuarine Environmental and Socio-economic Impacts Associated with Upland Agricultural Irrigation and Hydropower Developments: The Case of Rufiji and Pangani Estuaries, Tanzania.- 12: The Rufiji Estuary: Climate Change, Anthropogenic Pressures, Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptive Management Strategies.- 13: Small estuarine and non-estuarine mangrove ecosystems of Tanzania: overlooked coastal habitats?.- 14: Limpopo estuary mangrove transformation, rehabilitation and management.- 15: Re-thinking estuarine ecosystem governance in the WIO region.- 16: Mapping Factors That Contribute to Coral Reef Resilience Using in situ and Satellite Data in East Africa.- 17: Coral recruitment and coral reef resilience on Pemba Island, Tanzania.- 18: The hydrodynamics of the Incomati Estuary - an alternative approach to estimate the minimum environmental flow.- 19: Estuary Management in South Africa - an overview of the challenges and progress made to date.- 20: Future Outlook: The Importance of a Science and Ecosystem-based Approach for the Sustainable Management of Estuaries and Their Life-Supporting Ecosystem Services in the Western Indian Ocean.
This book provides recent environmental, ecological and hydrodynamic information for the major estuaries and the coastal marine systems of the Western Indian Ocean Region. It covers various functions and values of the region's estuarine ecosystems and their respective habitats, including the land/ocean interactions that define and impact ecosystem services. The Western Indian Ocean region covered by this volume consists of the continental coastal states of Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania and the island states of Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles and Comoros.

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Autor: Salif Diop
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