Autor: David Camacho
ISBN-13: 9783319107738
Veröffentl: 16.12.2014
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New Trends in Computational Collective Intelligence

572, Studies in Computational Intelligence
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Language and Knowledge Processing.- Data Mining Methods and Applications.- Computer Vision Techniques.- Intelligent Computational Methods.
This book consists of 20 chapters in which the authors deal with different theoretical and practical aspects of new trends in Collective Computational Intelligence techniques. Computational Collective Intelligence methods and algorithms are one the current trending research topics from areas related to Artificial Intelligence, Soft Computing or Data Mining among others. Computational Collective Intelligence is a rapidly growing field that is most often understood as an AI sub-field dealing with soft computing methods which enable making group decisions and processing knowledge among autonomous units acting in distributed environments. Web-based Systems, Social Networks, and Multi-Agent Systems very often need these tools for working out consistent knowledge states, resolving conflicts and making decisions. The chapters included in this volume cover a selection of topics and new trends in several domains related to Collective Computational Intelligence: Language and Knowledge Processing, Data Mining Methods and Applications, Computer Vision, and Intelligent Computational Methods. This book will be useful for graduate and PhD students in computer science as well as for mature academics, researchers and practitioners interested in the methods and applications of collective computational intelligence in order to create new intelligent systems.

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Autor: David Camacho
ISBN-13:: 9783319107738
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Erscheinungsjahr: 16.12.2014
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Gewicht: 480g
Seiten: 212
Sprache: Englisch
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