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Original Instructions

Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future
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AcknowledgmentsAbout BioneersBioneers and Editor's Statement on Indigenous Knowledge and Intellectual Property RightsPreface: Remembering the Original InstructionsKenny AusubelIntroduction: Lighting the Sun of Our Future--How These Teachings Can Provide IlluminationMelissa K. NelsonPart OneUNCOVERING THE ECO-SPIRITUALVALUES OF THE ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS1 Listening to Natural LawChief Oren Lyons2 First Nations Survival and the Future of the EarthRebecca Adamson3 Acoma Coexistence and ContinuancePetuuche Gilbert4 Ethics from the Land: Traditional Protocols and the Maintenance of PeaceMarlowe Sam5 Indigenous Knowledge as the Basis for Our FuturePriscilla Settee6 Clear Thinking: A Positive Solitary View of NatureJohn MohawkPart TwoINDIGENOUS DEMOCRACIES7 The Iroquois ConfederacyJohn Mohawk8 A Democracy Based on PeaceChief Oren Lyons9 An Okanagan Worldview of SocietyJeannette Armstrong10 Peace Technologies from the San Bushmen of AfricaMegan Biesele, Kxao =Oma., and /'Angn!ao /'UnPart ThreeTHE ART AND SCIENCE OF KINSHIP11 Where Is the Holy Land?Leslie Gray12 Restoring Indigenous History and Culture to NatureDennis Martinez, Enrique Salmón, and Melissa K. Nelson13 Protecting Water Quality and Religious Freedom at the Isleta PuebloVerna Williamson-Teller14 The Art of Thriving in PlaceJohn MohawkPart FourINDIGENOUS FEMININE POWER:IN HONOR OF SKY WOMAN15 She Is Us: Thought Woman and the Sustainability of WorshipPaula Gunn Allen16 Ethiopian Women: From Passive Resources to Active CitizensBogaletch Gebre17 Powerful Like a River: Reweaving the Web of Our Lives in Defense of Environmental and Reproductive JusticeKatsi CookPart FiveYOU ARE WHERE YOU EAT:NATIVE FOODS ANDTRADITIONAL AGRICULTURE18 From the First to the Last Bite: Learning from the Food Knowledge of Our AncestorsJohn Mohawk19 Re-Indigenizing Our Bodies and Minds through Native FoodsMelissa K. Nelson20 Dancing for the Apus: Andean Food and FarmingJulio Valladolid Rivera21 On the Importance of Our Connection to FoodJacquelyn Ross22 Protecting the Culture and Genetics of Wild RiceWinona LaDuke23 Cultural Change, Climate Change, and the Future of CivilizationJohn MohawkPart SixDECOLONIZATION AND GLOBAL INDIGENOUSSTRUGGLES FOR JUSTICE24 Protecting the Web of Life: Indigenous Knowledge and BiojusticeTom Goldtooth25 Return of the Ancient Council Ways: Indigenous Survival in ChiapasOhki Siminé Forest26 Front Line of Resistance: Indigenous Peoples and Energy DevelopmentClayton Thomas-Muller27 Speaking for the VoicelessRichard DeerTrackPart SevenRE-INDIGENIZATION28 Re-Indigenization DefinedGreg Cajete, John Mohawk, and Julio Valladolid Rivera29 El Poder de la Palabra/The Power of the Word: Toward a Nahuatl/Mestizo ConsciousnessFrancisco X. Alarcón30 Mending the Split-Head Society with Trickster ConsciousnessMelissa K. Nelson31 Re-Nativization in North and South AmericaTirso Gonzales32 Taro Roots Run Deep: Hawaiian Restoration of Sacred Foods and CommunitiesMark Paikuli-Stride, Eric Enos, and Nalani Minton33 The Power of Being a Human BeingJohn TrudellIndigenous ResourcesNotesBibliographyContributors
Indigenous leaders and other visionaries suggest solutions to today's global crisis
• Original Instructions are ancient ways of living from the heart of humanity within the heart of nature

• Explores the convergence of indigenous and contemporary science and the re-indigenization of the world's peoples

• Includes authoritative indigenous voices, including John Mohawk and Winona LaDuke

For millennia the world's indigenous peoples have acted as guardians of the web of life for the next seven generations. They've successfully managed complex reciprocal relationships between biological and cultural diversity. Awareness of indigenous knowledge is reemerging at the eleventh hour to help avert global ecological and social collapse. Indigenous cultural wisdom shows us how to live in peace--with the earth and one another.

Original Instructions evokes the rich indigenous storytelling tradition in this collection of presentations gathered from the annual Bioneers conference. It depicts how the world's native leaders and scholars are safeguarding the original instructions, reminding us about gratitude, kinship, and a reverence for community and creation. Included are more than 20 contemporary indigenous leaders--such as Chief Oren Lyons, John Mohawk, Winona LaDuke, and John Trudell. These beautiful, wise voices remind us where hope lies.
Editiert von: Melissa K. Nelson
Melissa K. Nelson, Ph.D., is an ecologist, writer, educator, and social activist whose work is dedicated to indigenous revitalization and cross-cultural reconciliation. She is a professor of American Indian studies at San Francisco State University and president of The Cultural Conservancy, a nonprofit indigenous rights organization. She also coproduced the award-winning documentary short film The Salt Song Trail: Bringing Creation Back Together. She is a member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Autor: Melissa K. Nelson
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