Autor: Louise Lee
ISBN-13: 9781472224583
Einband: Taschenbuch
Seiten: 304
Gewicht: 251 g
Format: 198x183x18 mm
Sprache: Englisch

In the Name of Love

Vol.2, Florence Love
A laugh-til-you-cry page-turner full of family secrets

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'I am in LOVE with Florence Love' - Mel Giedroyc
Jump on board with Louise Lee's irresistible follow-up to A Girl Called Love. Fans of Marian Keyes, Dawn O'Porter's The Cows and Why Mummy Drinks, this one's for you. 'A fresh, funny new voice that made me laugh out loud' Woman & Home Retired, technically, Florence Love is a long way from her London Private Investigator glory days. But her latest target is achingly personal.
A ration of Montepulciano in her water pouch, Flo finds herself racing around Italy on a borrowed Vespa in the name of love. Bambi Love, specifically. Her mum - missing for twenty-five years. The one case that's still unsolved.

To find Bambi, maintaining focus will be critical. Florence must not be distracted.

Not even by a beautiful, goosebump-inducing Italian stranger with mafiosi friends and a habit of suddenly disappearing himself, who knows far more than he's letting on... Readers LOVE the Florence Love series

'Read this on holiday with my best friend. Had us both in stitches'

'Witty, funny and intelligent, with some twists I never saw coming'

'Beautifully written, easy to escape into and hard to put down'
Autor: Louise Lee
Louise Lee was once a Geography teacher. When oxbow lakes no longer floated her boat, she took the next, natural step in her career progression and became a Private Investigator. Memorable cases include a high-functioning bigamist with three wives and six children, who was set to marry a fourth; and losing a target because George Clooney started chatting her up in a bar.

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Autor: Louise Lee
ISBN-13:: 9781472224583
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Verlag: Headline
Gewicht: 251g
Seiten: 304
Sprache: Englisch
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