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Walter Gautschi, Volume 1

Selected Works with Commentaries

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¿¿¿ ¿Collection of original and influential papers by Walter Gautschi on a wide range of relevant topics and techniques
Includes historical essays on Euler and Chrisoffel, as well as biographical essays on several influential 20th-century numerical analysts, relating their work to Gautschi's
Integrates powerful software packages for orthogonal polynomials and their applications
Preface.- Part I Walter Gautschi.- Biography of Walter Gautschi.- A brief summary of my scientific work and highlights of my career.- Publications.- Part II Commentaries.- Numerical conditioning.- Special functions.- Interpolation and approximation.- Part III Reprints.- Numerical conditioning.- Special functions.- Interpolation and approximation.
Walter Gautschi has written extensively on topics ranging from special functions, quadrature and orthogonal polynomials to difference and differential equations, software implementations, and the history of mathematics. He is world renowned for his pioneering work in numerical analysis and constructive orthogonal polynomials, including a definitive textbook in the former, and a monograph in the latter area.
This three-volume set, Walter Gautschi: Selected Works with Commentaries, is a compilation of Gautschi's most influential papers and includes commentaries by leading experts. The work begins with a detailed biographical section and ends with a section commemorating Walter's prematurely deceased twin brother. This title will appeal to graduate students and researchers in numerical analysis, as well as to historians of science.

Selected Works with Commentaries, Vol. 1

Numerical Conditioning

Special Functions

Interpolation and Approximation

Selected Works with Commentaries, Vol. 2

Orthogonal Polynomials on the Real Line

Orthogonal Polynomials on the Semicircle

Chebyshev Quadrature

Kronrod and Other Quadratures

Gauss-type Quadrature

Selected Works with Commentaries, Vol. 3

Linear Difference Equations

Ordinary Differential Equations


History and Biography


Works of Werner Gautschi
Editiert von: Claude Brezinski, Ahmed Sameh
RezensionFrom the reviews:"Walter Gautschi is one of the leading numerical analysts of the second half of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. Brezinski and Sameh have undertaken to summarize Gautschi's work in a generally accessible form. This multi-volume work is not only for readers who are interested in the recent history of numerical analysis, but also for those who want to gain a general overview of this vast field." (Kai Diethelm, Computing Reviews, May, 2014)"In each topic it goes in two steps: first there is a part in which well known specialists comment and summarize the contributions of Gautschi each of the topics in the volume and in a second part the papers classified in this topic follow. In the e-book version, the chapters are downloadable separately which is of course a highly desirable feature. Libraries will find these hard copies on their shelves to be of lasting significance." (A. Bultheel, The European Mathematical Society, December, 2013)

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Autor: Claude Brezinski
ISBN-13:: 9781461470335
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