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Breast Cancer Metastasis and Drug Resistance

Progress and Prospects

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_This volume covers recent progress in breast cancer research. It explores breast cancer, the factors that make it lethal and current research progress, including stem cells, microRNAs, epigenetics, genomics and some novel signaling pathways_.
Explores breast cancer, the factors that make it lethal and current research progress, including stem cells, microRNAs, epigenetics, genomics and some novel signaling pathways¿ 
Excellent source for of reference for researchers¿

Features up-to-date research
Preface.- Breast Cancer Statistics.- Epidemiology of Breast Cancer in Women.- The Complexities of Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer.- Major signaling pathways involved in Breast Cancer.- Breast Cancer Heterogeneity in Primary and Metastatic Disease.- Understanding Triple-negative Breast Cancer.- The biology of the deadly love connection between obesity, diabetes and breast cancer.- Progression of Early Breast Cancer to an Invasive Phenotype.- Pre-clinical modeling of breast cancer - which model to choose?.- Modeling breast cancer progression in 4-D.- Bone Metastasis of Breast Cancer.- Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Breaching of The Blood-Brian Barrier By Circulating Breast Cancer Cells.- Resistance to Anthracyclines and Taxanes in Breast cancer.- Understanding of Tamoxifen Resistance of Breast Cancer based on Integrative Bioinformatics Approaches.- Current understanding of drug resistance mechanisms and therapeutic targets in HER2 overexpressing breast cancers.- Platinum and ruthenium complexes for the therapy of breast cancer diseases.-Development of Notch Pathway Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy.- Systems Biology Approaches in Breast Cancer Studies.- Epigenetic Factors in Breast Cancer Progression.- Breast Cancer Stem Cells and miRNAs.- Breast Cancer Stem Cells: responsible for therapeutic resistance and relapse?.- MicroRNAs in Breast Cancer Research: Progress and Promise.- Index.
_This volume comprehensively covers recent prrogress in breast cancer research. In an effort to successfully treat breast cancer, it is imperative to a) fully understand the disease with all its heterogeneity, b) understand the factors that influence the metastasis of breast cancer to distant organs making it lethal and c) understand the underlying processes that lead to the phenomenon of drug-resistance making the disease particularly incurable. The book explores all of these issues, including the phenomenon of epithelial-mesenchymal-transition, cancer stem cells as well as microRNAs in an attempt to better understand the disease in connection to its heterogeneity/metastasis/drug-resistance as well as to propose novel signaling pathways for therapeutic intervention. The profiling of tumors to molecularly classify breast cancers is also investigated so that customized targeted therapies can be developed. _
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