Autor: Thomas Teo
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Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology

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Featuring approximately 1,000 entries, organized in an easy to use alphabetical format, the Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology is the first reference work to examine psychological topics from critical as well as international points of view.
Title is also available as part of a set: Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology (978-1-4614-5584-4)
Introduction.- Definition.- History.- Traditional debates.- Critical debates.- International relevance.- Practice relevance.- Future directions.- Furhur readings.- Cross references.- Web-based information
Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology is a comprehensive reference work and is the first reference work in English that comprehensively looks at psychological topics from critical as well as international points of view. Thus, it will appeal to all committed to a critical approach across the Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology, for alternative analyses of psychological events, processes, and practices. The Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology provides commentary from expert critical psychologists from around the globe who will compose the entries. The Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology will feature approximately 1,000 invited entries, organized in an easy to use A-Z format. The encyclopedia will be compiled under the direction of the editor who has published widely in the field of critical psychology and due to his international involvements is knowledgeable about the status of critical psychology around the world. The expert contributors will summarize current critical-psychological knowledge and discuss significant topics from a global perspective.
Editiert von: Thomas Teo
Thomas Teo is Associate Professor in the History and Theory of Psychology Program at York University and current editor of the Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology. He has published historical and theoretical articles in Theory & Psychology, New Ideas in Psychology, Canadian Psychology, Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences, History of Psychology, History of the Human Sciences, among other journals. The Critique of Psychology: From Kant to Postcolonial Theory, his latest monograph, was published in 2005. Varieties of theoretical psychology: International philosophical and practical concerns, his latest co-edited book, was published in 2009. He is Fellow of the American Psychological Association and of the Canadian Psychological Association (website:

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Autor: Thomas Teo
ISBN-13:: 9781461455820
ISBN: 1461455820
Erscheinungsjahr: 21.02.2014
Verlag: Springer-Verlag GmbH
Gewicht: 4939g
Seiten: 2106
Sprache: Englisch
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