Autor: Marc Leslie Kutner
ISBN-13: 9780521529273
Veröffentl: 01.07.2003
Einband: Taschenbuch
Seiten: 582
Gewicht: 1614 g
Format: 246x189x38 mm
Sprache: Englisch


A Physical Perspective

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A comprehensive introduction to astronomical objects and phenomena, for undergraduate students.
1. Introduction; Part I. Properties of Ordinary Stars: 2. Continuous radiation from stars; 3. Spectral Lines in stars; 4. Telescopes; 5. Binary stars and stellar masses; 6. The Sun: a typical star; Part II. Relativity: 7. Special relativity; 8. General relativity; Part III. Stellar Evolution: 9. The main sequence; 10. Stellar old age; 11. The death of high mass stars; 12. Evolution in close binaries; 13. Clusters of stars; Part IV. The Milky Way: 14. Contents of the interstellar medium; 15. Star formation; 16. The Milky Way galaxy; Part V. The Universe at Large: 17. Normal galaxies; 18. Clusters of galaxies; 19. Active galaxies; 20. Cosmology; 21. The Big Bang; Part VI. The Solar System: 22. Overview of the solar system; 23. The Earth and Moon; 24. The inner planets; 25. The outer planets; 26. Minor bodies in the solar system; 27. The origin of life; Appendices.
This revised and updated comprehensive introduction to astronomical objects and phenomena applies basic physical principles to a variety of situations. Students learn how to relate everyday physics to the astronomical world with the help of useful equations, chapter summaries, worked examples and end-of-chapter problem sets. It will be suitable for undergraduate students taking a first course in astronomy, and assumes a basic knowledge of physics with calculus.
Autor: Marc Leslie Kutner
Marc Kutner is a Visiting Scientist in the Astronomy Department of the University of Texas at Austin.

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Autor: Marc Leslie Kutner
ISBN-13:: 9780521529273
ISBN: 0521529271
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.07.2003
Verlag: Cambridge University Pr.
Gewicht: 1614g
Seiten: 582
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 03002, 2. Auflage. Revised
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 246x189x38 mm, 291 b/w illus. 406 colour illus. 13 tables 937 exercises