Autor: Ronald S. Jackson
ISBN-13: 9780123814685
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Wine Science

Academic Press
Principles and Applications

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1) Introduction

2) Grape Species and Varieties

3) Grapevine Structure and Function

4) Vineyard Practice

5) Site Selection and Climate

6) Chemical Constituents of Grapes and Wine

7) Fermentation

8) Postfermentation Treatments and Related Topics

9) Specific and Distinctive Wine Styles

10) Wine Laws, Authentication, and Geography

11) Sensory Perception and Wine Assessment

12) Wine and Health
Wine Science, Fourth Edition, covers the three pillars of wine science: grape culture, wine production, and sensory evaluation. It discusses grape anatomy, physiology and evolution, wine geography, wine and health, and the scientific basis of food and wine combinations. It also covers topics not found in other enology or viticulture texts, including details on cork and oak, specialized wine making procedures, and historical origins of procedures.

New to this edition are expanded coverage on micro-oxidation and the cool prefermentative maceration of red grapes; the nature of the weak fixation of aromatic compounds in wine - and the significance of their release upon bottle opening; new insights into flavor modification post bottle; the shelf-life of wine as part of wine aging; and winery wastewater management. Updated topics include precision viticulture, including GPS potentialities, organic matter in soil, grapevine pests and disease, and the history of wine production technology.

This book is a valuable resource for grape growers, fermentation technologists; students of enology and viticulture, enologists, and viticulturalists.

New to this edition:

Expanded coverage of micro-oxidation and the cool prefermentative maceration of red grapes
The nature of the weak fixation of aromatic compounds in wine - and the significance of their release upon bottle opening
New insights into flavor modification post bottle
Shelf-life of wine as part of wine aging
Winery wastewater management
Updated topics including:

Precision viticulture, including GPS potentialities
Organic matter in soil
Grapevine pests and disease
History of wine production technology
Autor: Ronald S. Jackson
Jackson, Ronald S.Ron Jackson received the bachelor's and master's degree from Queen's University and the doctrine from the University of Toronto. His time in Vineland, Ontario, and subsequently at Cornell University redirected his interest in plant disease toward viticulture and enology. As part of his regular teaching duries at Brandon University, he developed the first wine technology course in Canada. For many years he was a technical advisor to the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission, developed sensory tests to assess the tasting skills of members of its Sensory Panel, and was a member of its External Tasting Panel. He is also the author of Conserve Water, Drink Wine and several technical reviews. Dr. Jackson has resigned from his position as a professor and the chair of the Botany Department at Brandon University to concentrate on writing. He is allied with the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute, Brock University.

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Autor: Ronald S. Jackson
ISBN-13:: 9780123814685
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