Autor: Andrej Kurkow
ISBN-13: 9780099571872
Einband: B-Format
Seiten: 320
Gewicht: 234 g
Format: 198x129x20 mm
Sprache: Englisch

The Gardener from Ochakov

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When Igor accidentally travels back to 1957, he finds out that the past isn't as rosy as it seems. In fact it's positively dangerous
Igor is confident his old Soviet policeman's uniform will be the best costume at the party. But he hasn't gone far before he realises something is wrong. The streets are unusually dark and empty, and the only person to emerge from the shadows runs away from him in terror.
After a perplexing conversation with the terrified man, who turns out to be a wine smuggler, and on recovering from the resulting hangover, Igor comes to an unbelievable conclusion: he has found his way back to 1957 Kiev. And it isn't the innocent era his mother and her friends have so sentimentally described.

As he travels between centuries, his life becomes more and more complicated. The unusual gardener who lives in his mother's shed keeps disappearing, his best friend has blackmailed the wrong people, and Igor has fallen in love with a married woman in a time before he was born. With his mother's disapproval at his absences growing, and his adventures in each time frame starting to catch up with him, Igor has to survive the past if he wants any kind of future.
Autor: Andrej Kurkow
ワbersetzung von: Amanda Love Darragh
Andrej Kurkow, geb. 1961 in St. Petersburg, lebt seit seiner Kindheit in Kiew. Er studierte Fremdsprachen (er spricht insgesamt elf Sprachen), arbeitete als Redakteur, Gefängniswärter, Kameramann und schrieb zahlreiche Drehbücher. Seit 1996 lebt er als freier Schriftsteller in Kiew und London.

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Autor: Andrej Kurkow
ISBN-13:: 9780099571872
ISBN: 0099571870
Verlag: Random House UK, Vintage
Gewicht: 234g
Seiten: 320
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 198x129x20 mm