Autor: Sylvie Simmons
ISBN-13: 9780099549321
Veröffentl: 06.06.2013
Einband: Taschenbuch
Seiten: 546
Gewicht: 520 g
Format: 198x131x50 mm
Sprache: Englisch

I'm Your Man

The Life of Leonard Cohen

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Published to coincide with Leonard Cohen's exclusive show at London's The O2 on Friday 21 June 2013. This book contains exclusive material and interviews making it THE biography to buy on Leonard Cohen - singer-songwriter, musician, poet, and novelist.
A comprehensive biography of legendary Canadian singer songwriter Leonard Cohen, which ties in with his exslusive show at London's 02 on Friday 21st June 2013. With exclusive material and interviews, it reveals the genius behind classic songs such as "Suzanne, Bird On A Wire" and "Hallelujah". Draws on Cohen's private archives and a wealth of interviews with many of his closest associates, colleagues and other artists. 'Cohen gets the music biography he truly deserves' "Mojo"
Autor: Sylvie Simmons
Sylvie Simmons is a renowned music journalist and award-winning writer. A Londoner, she moved to LA in the late seventies where she began writing about rock music for Sounds, Creem and Kerrang!, then Rolling Stone, the Guardian and MOJO. She is the author of fiction and non-fiction books, including the acclaimed Serge Gainsbourg: A Fistful of Gitanes, Neil Young: Reflections in Broken Glass and the short story collection Too Weird for Ziggy. She currently lives in San Francisco, where she plays ukulele and still writes for MOJO.

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Autor: Sylvie Simmons
ISBN-13:: 9780099549321
ISBN: 0099549328
Erscheinungsjahr: 06.06.2013
Verlag: Random House UK Ltd
Gewicht: 520g
Seiten: 546
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 198x131x50 mm