Autor: Chip Heath
ISBN-13: 9780099505693
Einband: B-Format
Seiten: 336
Gewicht: 235 g
Format: 198xx mm
Sprache: Englisch

Made to Stick

Why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck, Einsteiger/Laien

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A bestselling communications book that helps ensure what you say is understood , remembered and, most importantly, acted upon
Establishes what it is that determines whether particular ideas or stories stick in our minds or not. This book is the outcome of over ten years of research by the authors. It shows some strategies and sets principles that the readers can adopt to get their ideas across effectively.
Why does fake news stick while the truth goes missing?

Why do disproved urban legends persist? How do you keep letting newspapers and clickbait sites lure you in with their headlines? And why do you remember complicated stories but not complicated facts?

Over ten years of study, Chip and Dan Heath have discovered how we latch on to information hooks. Packed full of case histories and incredible anecdotes, it shows:

- how an Australian scientist convinced the world he'd discovered the cause of stomach ulcers by drinking a glass filled with bacteria

- how a gifted sports reporter got people to watch a football match by showing them the outside of the stadium

- how pitches like 'Jaws on a spaceship' (Alien) and 'Die Hard on a bus' (Speed) convince movie execs to invest gigantic sums even when they know nothing else about the project

As entertaining as it is informative, this is a timely exploration of a fascinating human behaviour. At the same time, by demonstrating strategies like the 'Velcro Theory of Memory' and 'curiosity gaps', it offers superbly practical insights.

Made to Stick uses cutting-edge insight to help you ensure that what you say is understood, remembered and, most importantly, acted upon.
Autor: Chip Heath, Dan Heath
Chip Heath ist Professor für Organizational Behavior an der Graduate School of Business der Stanford University. Er lebt in Los Gatos, Kalifornien.Dan Heath ist Unternehmensberater. Er war an der Harvard Business School wissenschaftlich tätig und ist Mitgründer von Thinkwell, einem innovativen Unternehmen, das auf multimediale Lehrbücher spezialisiert ist. Er lebt in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Autor: Chip Heath
ISBN-13:: 9780099505693
ISBN: 009950569X
Verlag: Random House UK, Arrow Books
Gewicht: 235g
Seiten: 336
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage New and expand. ed.
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 198xx mm